Alameda Police Stop ATM Theft

Alameda Police Department--Alameda police officers confiscated dozens of dollar bills that were removed from the ATM during the attempted theft.

Alameda Police Stop ATM Theft

Alameda police officers prevented suspects from stealing an ATM on Mosley Avenue Sunday, March 13.

The Alameda Police Department (APD) received several calls regarding a possible ATM theft in-progress involving multiple vehicles. Before APD officers arrived, the suspects attempted to forcefully remove the ATM using a vehicle. Their attempt caused substantial damage to the business that held the ATM.

Officers were able to locate one of the suspects before they left the scene. The suspect is described as an adult male. APD did not disclose any other information on the suspect. Video surveillance and witness testimony confirmed the adult male's involvement. The subject was found in possession of a large quantity of cash and suspected methamphetamine.

Three additional subjects remain outstanding, according to APD reports. Evidence, including the recovered ATM, is being processed to aid in the identification of the involved parties.

No other details have been released as of Monday, March 14.

APD--One of the suspects was in possession of a large quantity of methamphetamine.
APD--The suspects' ATM theft attempt left significant damage to the building on Mosley Avenue.