Alameda Police to Carry the Torch

APD Facebook Page--APD will carry the “Flame of Hope” torch through Alameda on June 23. This is an APD officer carrying the torch in 2019.

Alameda Police to Carry the Torch

On June 23, members of the Alameda Police Department (APD) will carry the “Flame of Hope” through the City of Alameda in support of the Special Olympics Northern California.

The “Flame of Hope” torch is similar to the Olympic torch that is passed around from country to country and eventually ends up at the location of the Olympic Games for the opening ceremony. There will be five torch runs that will be passed around Northern California before it reaches the location of this year’s SONC Summer Games at the University of Santa Clara. The APD will be holding the torch that travels through the western part of Alameda County. The games take place from June 24 to 26.

Each year, members of APD participate in Northern California’s Law Enforcement Torch Run to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics and its programs. This year, APD is looking to raise $2,000 to support 16 athletes for a complete sports season. To donate, visit,

The Summer Games is the largest local competition and features more than 1,000 athletes and coaches from more than 30 counties coming together to participate in competitions, activities, social events and more.

Alameda County’s Special Olympics program offers training and competitions for athletes in 11 sports. To volunteer or become an athlete for SONC, visit

APD Facebook Page   More than 1,000 athletes and coaches will compete in the three-day competition, which begins on June 24.