Alameda Native Seeks Aid for Peace Corps Effort

Courtesy photo Apprentices learn the latest techniques and technology in agriculture through the efforts of the Peace Corps.

A native Alamedan is currently serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa in the small country of Benin. Anne-Marie Mitchell has been working with farmers and farmer’s groups to adopt new technologies there.

In this effort, she is working with a farm-school in southeastern Benin to build a solar-powered water pump that will irrigate up to 10 new acres of land for a minimum of 10 years. The irrigation is estimated to supply enough water to produce 250,000 pounds of potatoes on those 10 acres.

Through Peace Corps’ community-funded grant program, Mitchell hopes to raise $10,000, which will fund construction of the solar-powered pump and grow and sell more vegetables.

In turn, this will improve educational facilities for farm-school apprentices, teaching them the skills they need to continue farming at a time when it is very popular for rural people to move to the city.

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