Alameda High Club’s Waste Prevention Program Launches at Second Restaurant

Charlotte Bond -- Charlotte Bond (left) and Elizabeth Arena (right) and their Alameda High Amplify Club recently launched their Dispatch Goods disposable waste prevention program at Hang Ten Restaurant.

Alameda High Club’s Waste Prevention Program Launches at Second Restaurant

The Alameda High School (AHS) Amplify Club is launching its disposable plastic waste prevention program at a second Alameda restaurant. The Amplify Club announced recently they have expanded the program to include Hang Ten Boiler at 2315 Santa Clara Ave. The restaurant will begin providing customers from Alameda High the opportunity to order take out using specialized reusable Dispatch Goods containers.

Dispatch Goods is a San Francisco-based environmental activism company. The organization works with local restaurants to reduce the amount of food containers thrown in the trash by selling them specialized reusable to-go containers, collecting them from either the restaurant or from the customer’s home after they have been used, washing them, and then redistributing them back to the restaurant.

At Alameda High, once a student is done with their container, they can place the container in one of three pink bins Amplify members placed around campus. Dispatch Goods employees will collect them, wash them and redistribute them back to Hang Ten.

Last April, the Amplify Club reached an agreement with Lola’s Chicken Shack to be the first restaurant to offer Dispatch Goods’ containers to Alameda High students (“Alameda High Club Partners with Food Services Co. to Reduce Waste," May 16;

The AHS Amplify Club is an environmental activism organization that creates initiatives aimed at making Alameda more sustainable. The club is hoping to reach more agreements with restaurants near the AHS campus.

To learn more about Dispatch Goods, visit To learn more about the Amplify Club, visit their Instagram page at