Alameda County District Attorney Candidate Terry Wiley

Alameda County District Attorney Candidate Terry Wiley

Slogan: We Fight for Safety and Justice!

Statement: Terry has taken on the toughest prosecutions, and he knows that we can make progress on safety — quickly — by focusing on repeat and violent offenders, but he won’t stop there. He will make sure we focus on drug treatment, mental health, job training and excellent schools to keep kids out of the criminal justice system.

He believes the way we bring peace back to our streets is to make sure we have one system of justice for everyone. Not one for people of color and another for white people. One system — fair to everyone and protecting everyone. He knows justice starts by making sure our police and prosecutors serve every single person in this community the same way.

That’s why when the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office needed a prosecutor to take on the infamous police misconduct case known as the “Riders” case — he stepped forward to hold law enforcement accountable.

Provided by the Alameda Sun Staff