Alameda on Camera Award Presented to Geller

Courtesy photo    Neil Geller’s award-winning Alameda photograph.

Photographer Neil Geller won the 2018 Alameda on Camera’s Marketing Award. His award-winning photograph features an oddity in modern-day Alameda — a water tower and outbuildings in a residential area. Frank Testa built the improvements on Calhoun Street that included a Colonial Revival-style home in the early 20th century. 

Testa listed his profession as “scavenger,” so the buildings likely served as storage. The presence of the water tower tells us that Testa was likely tapping into a well on his property. Directories list the Testa family living in the home as late as 1992. 

Geller worked for a time as a chef. When he learned how expensive stock photography could get, he decided to invest in a camera and take his own photographs. When he took his camera outdoors, he learned that street photography was a natural fit for him. 
Geller said that he likes to capture spontaneous moments of unpredictable city life. “I use (city life) as backdrop as I wander the streets with my camera, documenting the theater that unfolds around me,” he said.  

Meet Geller along with his fellow Alameda on Camera participants at a reception 3:30 p.m., next Thursday, June 28, at The Lodge, 801 Island Drive. See more of Geller’s work at