Alameda Authors Pen Books on Health, Other Topics

Alameda Authors Pen Books on Health, Other Topics


In recent months, the Alameda Sun has received a series of requests from Alameda authors to announce their new titles. Two are penned by family therapists, one by a veteran and one by a former Jeopardy! champion and physicist. 

Therapy in the Bedroom
Alameda resident Isadora Alman, MFT, a licensed psychotherapist and counselor and a board-certified sexologist, has released a new collection of essays just out on ebook and on paper. Published by Berkeley’s Sexology Press the book is available at Among the titles of her short stories are: “Flirting, The Oldest Form of Safe Sex,” “Ten Things Men Need To Know About Sex and Relationships” and “Examining Old Relationship Patterns.” 

Alman is a former radio talk show host and a lecturer and workshop leader on a variety of communications topics. Ask Isadora, her syndicated advice column, appeared in news weeklies nationwide for more than 25 years. Find out more at

From Therapy to Thriller
Alameda author and practicing marriage and family therapist, Holly Brown, debuted her new novel This is Not Over at Books Inc Tuesday. Brown draws from her experience as a therapist to create realistic characters that go beyond “the sociopath did it!”

The novel tells of a chance encounter through a vacation rental that leads to an escalating game of cat-and-mouse between two very different women, each of whom is determined to win a battle of words and wills. 

Brown maintains a blog, “Bonding Time” that features articles that cover topics including: enabling and co-dependency issues, social media, assertiveness and parenting. To find out more, visit 

Dangerous History
Alameda resident Paul Hauser just released the second of his memoirs titled Inherently Dangerous. The book tells the story of airspace management in the U.S. Air Force, a subject Hauser experienced first-hand in his military service. The book is subtitled: An account of U.S. Air Force Weapons Controllers in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. 

In the Air Force, reconnaissance, strategic and tactical aircraft are considered weapons. Personnel trained in maneuvering aircraft from the ground or in the air are known as weapons controllers. 

Most civilians know that an air traffic controller keeps aircrafts apart. A weapons controller drives aircraft together, which in and of itself is inherently dangerous. Hauser’s book is a tribute to those weapons controllers. 

Inherently Dangerous is available at

The Universe 101
Leave it to an Alamedan to turn the universe on its head. Former Jeopardy! champion, science writer, journalist and comedian Karl Coryat has done just that in his new book, The Simplest Case Scenario

In simple terms, Coryat proposes the universe might be composed of digital bits of information. In developing this theory, the book takes readers to stops at relativity, quantam mechanics, the multiverse, probability, chaos theory, fractals, the Big Bang, the origin of life and human and animal consciousness leading to the unified idea that the Cosmos is far simpler than we think.

You can order Coryat’s book at as well.

Stay Tuned
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