Alameda Author Releases Book

A new book titled Mostly White, written by Alameda resident and published poet Alison Hart, showcases a tale of poverty, racism, inter-generational trauma and the healing brought by wilderness, music and the resilience of women. Hart’s book is influenced by her own identity of being a multi-racial woman of color and her own family history. 

Hart grew up not knowing much about her Black, Native American and Irish culture, which helped her in writing Mostly White since it shows a struggle to form an identity. The book begins with Emma, a mixed-race Native American and African American girl who is beaten by nuns for speaking her own language at an Indian residential school in Maine. 

Three generations later, Emma’s descendants are shown still suffering the effects of trauma, poverty and abuse while fighting to form their own identities and honor the call of their ancestors. 

Hart’s book will be released this fall through Torrey House Press. Mostly White is 200 pages and costs $16.95. Find out more at