AFS, Chefs Help Students

AFS, Chefs Help Students

COVID-19 has pushed many students to the brink. They feel cut off from their friends and normal support networks. Alameda Family Services (AFS) has been informing students through Instagram that help is available.

The students have responded, expressing a need to talk about having to stay at home so much. They’ve informed AFS about family conflict and stress that has arisen because of this pandemic. They have asked for how to deal with the added pressure.

To help raise funds to help Alameda’s students. AFS hosted Chef’s Kitchen with the generous help four of Alameda’s celebrity chefs:

• Donna Meadows at Little House Café
• Giuseppe Naccarelli at Trabocco
• Peter Kahl at Speisekammer
• John Thiel at Pappo. pictured below speaking to his socially distanced audience.

The “Chef Kitchens” program offered AFS an opportunity to partner with these local celebrity chefs to raise money for the agency while helping to bring attention to the need for community connection and raise awareness about restaurants re-opening.

“I was happy to be the chef to kick off this amazing event and help support Alameda Family Services,” Meadows said.

Kahl echoed Meadows’ sentiment. “I loved it. It was super fun and for a very good cause,” he said. “Danke schön!”

AFS is using the money raised with the help of the generous chefs, to purchase grocery gift cards and to support mental health services in the schools.

AFS is also preparing to purchase self-care packages for students participating in therapy groups. According to a recent survey 51 percent of high school students are reporting anxiety and 62 percent are reporting stress as a result of COVID-19.

Social isolation and loneliness have been shown to increase the likelihood of depression in youth for up to 9 years.

With the help of these chefs, AFS has been able to provide adequate support to our young people during this difficult time.