Afghan Resource Fair Held at New Alameda Park

courtesy photo--Members of the United Afghan Association.

Afghan Resource Fair Held at New Alameda Park

The team at the United Afghan Association (UAA) chose to hold its Afghan refugee resource fair at the Bay Area’s newest outdoor destination, Alameda Point Waterfront Park.

The event took place on March 27. Attendees arrived by foot, ferry, car, and the new 78 AC Transit bus to take advantage of the many generous programs: health, vision, and dental screenings, assistance seeking employment, social services and school enrollment, childcare resources, support groups, mental health services, and more! And to add some extra festivity, attendees also celebrated Nowruz, the Afghan New Year!

The UAA aims to support and amplify the voices of the people of Afghanistan and to help better serve the Afghan refugees resettling in northern California. The team organizes multiple toy and food drives year-round to support Afghan refugees.

UAA also has a donation center in Alameda at 650 West Ranger Ave. The center was provided by Alameda Point Collaborative with the assistance of Alameda city officials. Donations are distributed to newly re-settling Afghan refugees throughout northern California. Donations include but are not limited to clothing, undergarments, shoes, toiletries, hygiene kits, baby items, toys, books, religious attire, household items and furniture.

For more information or to donate to the organization, visit