Acclaimed Author Launches Her New Book at Alameda School

Courtesy photo    Author and illustrator Patricia Polacco released her new book, Remembering Vera, which is set on Alameda’s Coast Guard Island, at Earhart Elementary School on Monday, Oct. 2. Here she is flanked by local fans Lily and Bella Deleon.


On Monday, Oct. 2, Patricia Polacco, the acclaimed children’s author and illustrator, launched her new book, Remembering Vera, at Earhart Elementary School. She is a Bay Area native and the book is set on Alameda’s Coast Guard Island. 

A special invitation was sent to Alameda Unified School District Coast Guard families who each received a free book. Polacco and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, also donated books for the After the Ball silent auction to the benefit of Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter. 

After her reading and presentation, Polacco posed for pictures with the students. Polacco is the author and illustrator of some 60 children’s books, many of which have won recognition and honors.

Remembering Vera is for kids ages 4 to 8 and is described as “the heartwarming and true story of Vera, an amazing dog who was found as a stray by the U.S. Coast Guard, moved into the San Francisco Bay base and became a hero and friend.”

Alamedans know the main Coast Guard base in the Bay Area that serves all of Northern California is technically a part of the City of Alameda.

“In 1962 a stray dog was found under a pile of boxes in a Coast Guard warehouse in what used to be called Government Island, the Coast Guard Base in San Francisco Bay, when a seaman named Dave Bunch was mopping the floor. It was love at first sight,” reads the book’s synopsis. “At first the men decided to hide the pup from the commander, thinking she wouldn’t be allowed to stay. But soon enough all of the men in the barracks fell hard for the little dog. 

“Then one day when high waves challenged another vessel at sea, it was Vera’s fierce determination and natural swimming ability that brought the life preserver and safety line to the sinking boat. Vera became a hero and the beloved pet and mascot of the Coast Guard.”

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