Accident Victim Sends Message

Dennis Evanosky Frank Muñoz (center, with cane) crosses Lincoln Avenue with some help from friends: (from left to right) Cindy Zecher, Laura Hudgins, Gary Lym and Sean McPhetridge.


On Jan. 17, Frank Muñoz was looking forward to hoisting a brew with some friends at the Swell Bar at Lincoln Avenue and Benton Street. Instead, he found himself in an ambulance on the way to Highland Hospital. 

As Muñoz was crossing Lincoln, a pair of east-bound vehicles stopped and motioned him on. A third vehicle, this one west-bound, also stopped for Muñoz. As he stepped out into the intersection, the driver of a Chevrolet Cavalier chose to use a parking spot on Lincoln as a passing lane. The car swerved around the waiting vehicles and struck Muñoz, knocking him to the pavement. 

“I suddenly felt a giant wall hitting me,” Muñoz said. He spent two days in Highland Hospital, recovering from the accident. On Jan. 25, one week after the mishap, Munoz conquered his fear of ever crossing Lincoln again. He decided it was time to make a statement. 

He invited some friends — Laura Hudgins; Alameda Unified School (AUSD) Superintendent Sean McPhetridge; AUSD School Board President Gary Lym and fellow AUSD employees and friends, Terry Dominquez and Cindy Zecher — and the press to join him at Lincoln and Benton. He then crossed Lincoln with a full escort.  

He said he plans to take this article to the City Council and tell, not ask, his elected representatives to install a stop sign and Lincoln and Benton. 

“I want to make something positive from this negative experience,” Muñoz said.