AC Transit Resurrects Line 19

AC Transit Resurrects Line 19


The city recently announced that construction on a revived AC Transit Line 19 — the installation of concrete bus pads, bus stop signs and red curbs — will soon get underway. AC Transit halted service on Line 19 more than 6 years ago on March 28, 2010. The line served the Northern Waterfront. Meetings between AC Transit and the city led to the resurrection of the service. As it did in its previous incarnation, Line 19 will serve businesses and residents along Buena Vista Avenue. It will carry passengers to Oakland’s Fruitvale and 12th Street BART stations. 

Eastbound Line 19 buses coming from Oakland will enter town on Webster Street. The line will turn east along Atlantic Avenue-Sherman Street to Buena Vista Avenue. It will travel east on Buena Vista to Broadway, where it will turn north to serve the Bridgeside Shopping Center on Blanding Avenue. Line 19 will exit Alameda on Tilden Way and head for the Fruitvale BART Station. 

The leg of the trip along Atlantic is a new twist. Previously Line 19 ran south on Webster to Buena Vista, where it turned east. Instead, the new Line 19 will turn east on Atlantic to serve Marina Village, which the old line bypassed. 

Westbound, Line 19 will enter Alameda on Tilden Way and travel on Blanding to Broadway. The line will head west to carry passengers along the Northern Waterfront on Buena Vista Avenue. It will travel along Atlantic Avenue to Webster Street, where it will exit Alameda and carry passengers to the 12th Street BART Station.  

Construction of the bus stops for Line 19 will start at Atlantic Avenue and Challenger Drive and stretch along Buena Vista Avenue from Atlantic Avenue-Sherman Street to Park Street.