89th Fry Brothers Golf Tournament Underway

Club submits second round results for event that honors golfing brothers 

The Alameda Women’s Golf Club completed the second round of the 89th Annual Fry Brothers Memorial Match Play tournament Thursday, May 9, on the Jack Clark Course.

The three-round tournament is played under match-play rules. In “match” play participants count the number of holes won to determine the winner of the match. A final score of 3-and-2 means the winner was ahead by three holes with just two holes to play. 

Round one was played on May 2. Tracey Perkins defeated Stephanie Bellato 2-and-1 in round one of Flight A. Also in Flight A Cheryl Saxton took down Siobhan Curley 3-and-2, Kari Vadnais defeated Lynn Kobatake 2-and-1 and Tai Chewpanich defeated Maggie Lindquist. 

The winners of the first round faced off in the second round in the winners’ bracket. In the second round Saxton took down Vadnais 3-and-1 and the match between Chewpanich and Perkins was delayed. 

The losers of the first round played each other in the second round in the consolation bracket. Bellato defeated Lindquist 5-and-4 and Kobatake and Curley’s match was also delayed.

In the first round of Flight B, Chizu Holmes was victorious over Pat O’Hara 6-and-5. Other matches included: Phoebe Yu defeating Madeline Sally 6-and-4, Claire Loud taking down Bernice Herzberg 5-and-3 and Dot Moody defeating Sherry Westernoff 3-and-2. 

In the second round winners’ bracket, Dot Moody defaulted to Chizu Holmes and Yu defeated Loud 2-and-1. In the consolation bracket O’Hara defeated Westernoff 5-and-3 and Herzberg beat Sally 3-and-2.

Flight C began with Debbie Adams defeating Jane Sullwold 2-up in the first round. Also in the first round Barbara Mickle beat Yvette Whiteside 6-and-5, Sarah Valentine won over Claudia Leed 1-up and Sonia Kwak beat Fran Mori by forfeit. 

Adams defeated Kwak 4-and-3 in the second round winners’ bracket. Whiteside and Leed’s second round winners’ bracket match was postponed. 

Mickle defeated Valentine 4-and-3 in the consolation bracket. Mori defaulted to Sullwold in the other consolation match. 

Denise Gasti was one of four golfers who won in the Flight D first round. She beat Chris Alibrandi 2-and-1. Other results include Diane Hughes over Jean Cho 2-and-1, Sandi Kaney over Janet Kirk 1-up and Louise Eilhardt beating Janet Rhee 7-and-6. In the second round, Kaney defeated Hughes 5-and-4 and the match between Eilhardt and Gasti was postponed.

In the consolation bracket Alibrandi beat Rhee 2-and-1 and Cho beat Kirk 6-and-5.

Jan Peyrot defeated Bev Blatt in the Flight E first round. Other results include Susan Logan over Ethel Lerche by forfeit, Vivian Kang over Jean Eddy 4-and-3 and Bobbie Hoepner over Lynette Mladinich 2-and-1. Peyrot beat Hoepner 2-and-1 in the second round. The winners’ bracket match between Logan and Kang was postponed. 

Lerche defaulted to Eddy in the consolation bracket. Also, Mladinich beat Blatt 8-and-7 in the consolation bracket.

The final round start today on the Clark Course.