88th Fry Bros in the Books

Bobbie Hoepner &nbsp&nbsp Maggie Lindquist (left) won Flight A, Phoebe Yu (middle) won Flight B and Chris Alibriandi won Flight C at the 88th annual Fry Brothers Match Play Tournament last Thursday. Claudia Leed won the Flight D match play.

88th Fry Bros in the Books

The Alameda Women’s Golf Club held the final round of the 88th Annual Fry Brothers Memorial Match Play Tournament last Thursday, May 17, on the Earl Fry Course.

In match play golf rules, two golfers compete head-to-head. Each hole is scored. The golfers who completes the hole in the fewest amount of strokes wins the hole. The golfer with the most hole victories wins the match. Each flight had eight participants.

Maggie Lindquist won the Flight A bracket with a 1-up — up one hole after 18 holes — victory over Lynn Kobatake. Lindquist defeated Stephanie Bellato 3-and-2 — won by three holes with two holes to play — in round one and took down Tai Chewpanich 6-and-5 in round two. 

Kobatake beat Jenny Bae 4-and-3 in round one and Cheryl Saxton 1-up in 20 holes in round two. Saxton won third place in the flight. Bellato came in fourth place. Chewpanich finished fifth, Claire Loud sixth, Dot Moody seventh and Bae eighth.

Phoebe Yu took down Madeline Sally 4-and-2 to win Flight B. Yu beat Sarah Valentine 5-and-3 in round one and defeated Debbie Adams in round two by forfeit. 

Sally beat Diane Hughes 4-and-3 in round one and Fran Mori 1-up in round two. Valentine finished third while Adams came in fourth place. Yvette Whiteside came in fifth, Mori sixth, Hughes seventh and Kimmie Sung eighth.

Chris Alibriandi won Flight C after a 3-and-2 victory over Barbara Mickle in the final. Alibriandi beat Sonia Kwak 2-up in round one and defeated Bonnie Kim 1-up in round two. 

Mickle took down Linda Ferrill 4-and-3 in round one and Pat O’Hara 1-up in round two. Kwak finished third, while Kim came in fourth in the flight. O’Hara finished fifth, Ferrill sixth, Ann Ching seventh and Agnus McKinlay eighth.

Claudia Leed won Flight D with a 3-and-1 victory over Susan Logan. Leed beat Bobbie Hoepner 5-and-4 in round one and then beat Pam Curtis 6-and-4 in round two. 

Logan defeated Denise Gasti 1-up in round one and Kay Park 4-and-3 in round two. Hoepner finished in third place. Park came in fourth place. Sandi Kaney finished fifth and Pam Curtis sixth. Janet Rhee and Gasti both forfeited to tie for seventh.