86th Fry Brothers Tournament Underway

86th Fry Brothers Tournament Underway


Tradition continues for Alameda Women’s Golf Club

The Alameda Women’s Golf Club’s 86th Annual Fry Brothers Memorial got underway Thursday, March 12, on the Fry Course.

The three-day tournament is played in match-play format. This means instead of the individual golfers playing the entire field, they are pitted in a one-on-one match against another golfer. The golfers each play 18 holes. The golfer who completes a hole in fewer shots, wins the hole. If they complete the hole in the same number of shots, no one scores a point for the hole. The competition is stopped once it is mathematically determined who will win. For example, if a golfer holds a 5 and 4 lead — leading by five holes with four holes left — the competition is over.

In the Memorial tournament 32 golfers are broken off into four flights of eight. Each flight is its own tournament to decide the winner. Seeding in the tournament is based on each individual’s handicap. 

In Flight A — handicap of 11 to 23 — Stephanie Bellato advanced after a 3-and-1 — she led by three holes with one hole to play — win over Madeline Sally. She will play Jenny Bae in the next round due to a forfeit. Tai Chewpanich defeated Dot Moody 2 and 1, while Cheryl Saxton beat Maggie Lindquist 5 and 4. Chewpanich will play Saxton in the next round.

Sarah Valentine got the first win in Flight B — handicap of 24 to 26.5 — with a 2-up victory — led by two holes at the end of all 18 holes — over Jane Sullwold. She will take on Debbie Adams in the next round after Adams’ 3-and-2 win over Sonia Kwak. Claire Loud beat Barbara Mickle 7 and 5, while Pat O’ Hara took down Carole Evans 2 and 1. Loud and O’ Hara will face off next week. 

In Flight C — handicap of 26.6 to 29.2 — Barbara Wood is one of the four advancers. She beat Susan Yoon 7 and 6. Jean Cho beat Jaime Totsubo 4 and 3 — Wood and Cho will play each other. Then, Diane Hughes defeated Linda Ferrill 5 and 3, and Shirley Lee beat Liz Warner 5 and 3. 

In Flight D, Veronica Chang defeated Connie Wendling 4 and 1, while Pam Curtis beat Bobbie Hoepner 2 and 1. The matches between Susan Logan and Lynette Mladinich and Ann Ching and Wilda Moore were postponed.

The second round of the tournament begins today.