8-Under Stars Light up Diamond

8-Under Stars Light up Diamond


Hyde Engineering Dream Crushers 6, The Dark Side 0: In the 8 & Under division of local softball teams, the Dream Crushers’ bats were on fire Saturday with Sophia Larsen, Alys Cochrane and Violet Schnitter all having standout performances. 

Rachel Canavese dominated the game with big hitting and impressive fielding. Paige Heckman and Aysha Tekisalp’s smart playing prevented any runs from scoring in a late rally by The Dark Side. 

Overall, the entire team played great and contributed to the win. After the game, Coach Matt Schrager was seen celebrating the Dream Crusher’s impressive performance with tears of joy in his eyes.

Linguini’s Restaurant Orange Flames 9, Bay City Suite Rainbow Rockets 0: Amelia Hassen fired things up for The Flames going 2-for-2 at the plate with an RBI.

Jayla Banaria continued to stay hot also going 2-for-2 with 2 RBIs and made a great knock-down play at second base to hold The Rockets to a single. 

Anabelle Holmes and Ava Rivera both had singles. Desiree Shoblo played solid ball with a 2-for-2 offensive outing. Shoblo also pitched one inning and posted 2 Ks. 
Anastasia Chargualaf singled in the second to start off a two-out, four-run rally and really broke things open. Savanah Duarte pitched a 1-2- 3 third inning to seal the victory for The Flames.