‘Political and Proud’ at Encinal High

Gabrielle “Gaby” Dolphin &nbsp&nbsp Left to right, Encinal High School students Jonathan Hernandez, Ronnie Coleman, Veronica Canas and Reinhart Nderitu (kneeling) surround Civil Rights Attorney Pamela Price. They represent the “Political and Proud” at a Feb. 21 event designed to get young people energized and involved in the political process.

‘Political and Proud’ at Encinal High

Civil rights Attorney Pamela Price received a standing ovation after a rousing Keynote Speech at Encinal High School’s “Political and Proud” event, held Feb. 21. Local women holding elected office shared their stories to encourage young women to step up, engage in civic activities and run for office. 

“Alameda County is ground zero for progressive political change throughout this nation,” Price said. “So what happens here matters.” She underscored State Senator Nancy Skinner’s sentiments when she said, “We adults have failed you.” Price encouraged all young women to get involved and stay involved, call out abuse of power with #metoo and take on gun control. “If you do, you not only save yourself, but you will be saving us all,” she said.

Skinner, scheduled as the Keynote Speaker, was unable to attend due to events in Sacramento. She sent an inspiring video for the audience to view. Other guests included Mayor Trish Spencer, Deputy Chief of Staff for Education and Equity for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, Hydra Mendoza, Government Relations Coordinator Sameena Usman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Mosaic Project Executive Director and Co-founder, Lara Mendel.

Encinal juniors Lily Conable, Anisya Lustig-Ellison and Sarah Skaff organized Political and Proud with help from teacher advisors Christina Craig-Chardon and Cassie Ferguson. The event was led and run by local youth.


Gaby Dolphin is an Alameda resident and contributor to the Alameda Sun.