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People walking, riding bicycles and in automobiles stopped in disbelief to watch a sailboat crunch into Bay Farm Island Bridge about 6:30 p.m., last Sunday evening. 

If the mariners aboard the sailboat were  hoping to alert a bridge tender to open the bridge, they were too late. According to a spokeman for the  bridge office at the Alameda County Public Works Department, the Bay Farm Bridge is tended on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., a fact not only clearly marked on the bridge, but something that mariners should be aware of as well.


Alameda once again did the nation proud with its display of patriotism and local flavor, presenting more than 160 entrants in the annual Mayor’s Fourth of July Parade. The 3.3-mile parade route was lined end-to-end with spectators on both sides of the street with very few gaps between them along the way.


The Alameda Sun presents a complete list of Alameda’s graduating seniors in a tribute to their academic accomplishments. Congratulations, Class of 2017! 

Alameda High School
Yehya Abuzaid, Christian Aceves, Sierra Adachi, Sarah Adamson, Julian Aguilar, Elma Ahmetspahic, Fahmida Akter, Kyle Alves, Khasbold Amarjargal, Helen An, Bradley Anderson, Logan Anderson, Isaac Appiah, Ryan Ashbaker, Bryan Au.


The Center for Independent Living (CIL) recently opened a new office in Alameda. Representatives from the Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program were on hand with hand-cycles, tricycles and adaptive tandems, which riders — young and old — took for test rides along the nearby bike paths.

Visitors to the center also got acquainted with some modern and fun gadgets in the center’s assistive technology demonstration lab. To add to the fun, the center set up a basketball hoop for wheelchair basketball shooting games. 


1 U.S. Coast Guard Base Alameda Color Guard

2 Lincoln Middle School Marching Band:  The Lincoln Middle School Marching Band has 100 sixth to eighth graders marching in their hometown parade today. It’s the sixth graders’ first time marching! This award-winning band led the Main Street Parade at Disneyland and won “Unanimous Superior.”

3 Trish Spencer, Mayor of Alameda

4 Ginny Krutilek, Gretchen Dael Lipow, Joyce Denyven, Weezie Mott: Grand Marshals