SJND Students Vote in Mock Election

Nov 15,2018

In the days leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, SJND students were reading up on state-level candidates and propositions and getting ready to vote — in a mock election.

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Money Tip for Students

Nov 08,2018

Knowing how credit scores are calculated can help throughout one’s life. A credit score is a three-digit number that has a long-lasting effect on one’s buying power. When applying for credit: a loan, a credit card or other sources of borrowed money, the applicant’s credit score will be checked.

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp The Tinker Bus, a former school bus turned STEAM laboratory and classroom, will visit libraries on upcoming Saturdays.

Tinker Bus to Visit the Alameda Free Library

Nov 01,2018

The Alameda Free Library and Tinker Bus have teamed up to bring a working science, technology, art and mathmatics (STEAM) lab to all three branch libraries on the first Saturday of November, December and January.

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Update on Possible High School Merger

Aug 23,2018

The idea of merging Alameda High and Encinal High schools has been raised several times in previous decades. In the spring of 2018, community members, athletic directors and teachers asked for a new review of the concept for two reasons. 

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Smart Studying Tips

Aug 23,2018

“The Princeton Review” offers some guidelines to escaping the same-old homework habits. Try these study tips and get the brain boosted in time for back to school.

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64th Swim Championships Results

Aug 07,2018


The 64th annual City of Alameda Swim Championships took place last weekend at the Encinal Swim Center. Hundreds of swimmers with ties to Alameda competed in 90 meets at the event.

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