Island Arts

Who Muted Me?!

Mar 09,2023

"You're muted," she says
and I look at the Zoom screen
and, sure enough, I am muted
and as the stormy frown takes over my face
I demand to know, "Who muted me?!!"
I mean, there I was, speaking,
sharing my pearls of wisdom,

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Greatest Little Princess

Feb 16,2023

Aria Rose was born a princess in twenty-fourteen
A beautiful dark-haired baby with a smile
The prettiest baby Princess you have ever seen
There, then and now for a country mile

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CHELLE! & Friends -- Members of CHELLE! & Friends will perform at Rhythmix Cultural Works on Mardi Gras, Feb. 18.

Let the Good Times Rock (and Roll)

Feb 01,2023

Live events continue this winter at Rhythmix, and community favorite Pete Elman returns with a new music history course followed almost immediately by CHELLE! & Friends’ Mardi Gras party! Elman brings eight weeks of music history magic to the Rhythmix theater from February through April.

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City of Alameda

Local Events in Alameda: Dec. 2 to Dec. 14

Dec 08,2022

Friday, Dec. 9
AHS Winter Concert — In person, 6:30 p.m.; AHS Kofman Auditorium (2200 Central Ave.)
All ages. The annual winter concert will feature Jazz Band, guitar ensemble, concert band, string orchestra and symphonic band. $10 donation ($5 students) are appreciated.

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