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George Zeferes Aki Kumar brings his unique blend of Blues and Bollywood music to Rhythmix Cultural Works on Saturday, March 24.

Concert Blends Blues, Bollywood, Barbecue

Mar 15,2018

Straight from India via San Jose, Rhythmix Cultural Works (RCW) presents Aki Kumar’s Bollywood Blues on Saturday, March 24. Kumar’s band demonstrates that down-home Chicago and Mississippi blues and Bollywood music have a lot in common and complement each other well.

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Stefanie Richardson &nbsp&nbsp The chorus sings to Amina in Act 1 of La Sonnambula to celebrate her upcoming marriage to Elvino. Island City Opera’s final performances are this weekend.

Opera Draws Glowing Reviews

Mar 15,2018

Island City Opera has crowned its highly successful season with what is indisputably Vincenzo Bellini’s most accomplished opera, La Sonnambula. For nearly 200 years, La Sonnambula has enjoyed sustained success and popularity since its triumphal opening in Milan in 1831.

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Spelling Bee Set for Saturday

Jan 30,2018

This Saturday, Feb. 3, marks the fourth year of the Alameda Spelling Bee. The contest to prove the best student speller in town takes place at 9 a.m. at Otis Elementary School, 3010 Fillmore St., and is open to Alameda students in grades 4 through 9.

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Lidiya Yankovskaya will conduct two Russian operas for Island City Opera this weekend.

Opera Welcomes Midwest Talent

Jan 25,2018

Island City Opera has attracted St. Petersburg, Russia, native Lidiya Yankovskaya to conduct its latest pair of operas by Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. 

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp The West End’s Washington Park as it appeared about 100 years ago. Postcard appears courtesy of

All About Washington Park

Dec 28,2017

One of the fine amenities of the West End is Washington Park. Located at 740 Central Ave. the park is defined by “upper” and “lower” areas. The areas were designated historically. 

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Seven Naughty Sins Visit Santa

Dec 21,2017

The Seven Naughty Sins paid 
a visit to St. Nick,
They wanted to entice him, see which naughty sin he’d pick.
Greed pushed and shoved the others, was first to Santa’s lap.
Envy yanked her out, gave old Greed a little slap.

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Poetry for the Season

Dec 14,2017

Yard Work
A curved man steps on the porch,
His saggy pants cause him to lurch,
Of danger he is unaware,
So while descending he declares:
My step is slow,
My hands do shake,
But every fall,
I work the rake. 

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