Health Matters

Just Do It

Jul 16,2020

Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea were on the CBS Morning Show promoting a new restaurant they have opened. It is called JBJ Soul Kitchen. It is on the campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Jon and Dorothea had become aware that college students often do not have enough money to eat. 

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Helping Prevent Suicide

Jun 18,2020

You may be aware that the suicide rate is currently higher than the homicide rate in this country. I am aware that I have written about the increase in depression. Now this.

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Seema Verma

How to Get Medicare Services at Home Now

May 21,2020

At Medicare, we understand people may have concerns about going to a doctor’s office during the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Like so many Americans, Medicare beneficiaries are rightly observing social distancing guidelines to protect themselves and others from possible infection.

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Are You Actually Happy?

May 21,2020

When clients come into my office for the first time, they fill out a brief form. One of the questions is “What is your goal for therapy?” In all of my years of practice, no one has said they want to be happy.

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Medical Supply Drive Extended thru June 1

May 21,2020

Sisters Amy and Mya Nguyen haven’t squandered their time during the shelter-in-place order. Mya, a ninth-grader at Alameda High School and Amy, a seventh-grader at Will C. Wood Middle School have launched a successful medical supply drive that has been underway since April 23.

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A Difficult Time

Apr 16,2020

The coronavirus has brought stress to everyone. We are wisely sheltered. People are working from home. Schools are closed. Businesses are closed or available for pick-up or delivery only. Many have lost their jobs. Those who returned from abroad in many cases are quarantined. 

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Alameda Health Systems Nurses Stage "Lightning" Rally

Apr 09,2020

Registered nurses and employees with the Alameda Health System (AHS) and Bay Area human rights activists held a "lightning" rally Tuesday, April 7, at Alameda Hospital to voice their concerns with the lack of adequate personal protective equipment and weakened patient care standards for health ca

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What is Telemedicine?

Mar 26,2020

In today’s ever-changing climate people might wonder what is telemedicine, what are its benefits and is it going to be helpful for me?

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Respect: A Two-Way Street

Mar 19,2020

Respect is defined as “esteem or deferential regard felt or shown.”

I am aware that some believe certain individuals or groups of people should be automatically treated with respect. I find myself questioning this belief.

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