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Dr. Natalie  Gelman

We Are Able to Change

Oct 21,2021

I saw an interview with Merry Clayton. She was a back ground singer in the 60’s. The documentary Twenty Feet From Stardom included much of the work she did. She was a Raylette, when she worked with Ray Charles. She told a story of being in an auto accident and being hospitalized for five months.

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The Generation Gap

Sep 16,2021

A few years ago, the font on my email became very tiny. I explored trying to figure out how to change it, and I was unsuccessful. I called my daughter and asked her to help me. She told me to go to View, click Reset, and it would change. Indeed, it did immediately.

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The Heavy Cost of Alcohol Abuse

Sep 16,2021

The Alameda Sun publisher Dennis Evanosky is a recovering alcoholic with 35 years sobriety. He hopes that this article might inspire someone to join him in his sobriety.

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New AUSD Board Pres. Appointed

Sep 16,2021

Sun Staff Reports

Jennifer Williams was named the new president of the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Board of Education Tuesday, Sept. 7. She replaced Mia Bonta, who was sworn in as Assembly Member for California’s 18th Assembly District (see story on page 1).

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Ask Dr. Natalie

Getting through the Pandemic

Aug 18,2021

Dr. Natalie Gelman

We have gone through changes in the past 16 months. We begin to move forward, and then we are pulled back.

This article describes surviving the most conservative time because many are anxious about returning to it again.

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