Health Matters

Delicious Way to Help Italy’s Quake Victims

Sep 15,2016


The area around Amatrice in central Italy has been recently struck by a devastating earthquake. Even though this area is not very distant from Rome, it is very remote and not easily accessible. As a result it has been able to develop a unique and incredible gastronomy.

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Courtesy photo  Little Puffball might seem excited to face the great outdoors, but kitten owners should be aware of the dangers Puffball could confront out there.

Tips from Vet on Keeping Pets Healthy, Happy

Sep 01,2016


Question: Does my dog need a heartworm preventative all year ‘round in the Bay Area? The mosquitoes here are not as bad as in the South, and I don’t want to medicate her if I don’t have to.

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Giving blood is the same as giving the gift of life to a patient in need.

Blood Donors Urgently Needed

Jul 21,2016


The American Red Cross has issued an emergency call for blood and platelets, urging all eligible donors with all blood types to give now to replenish an extremely low summer supply.

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Health Stories Just for Kids

Jul 21,2016


Brian Wu began his writing career early. As a fifth grader, he wrote a story he called “Wacky Olympics.” He later wrote “Body Wars,” a personification of the immune system and how human bodies fight disease.

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