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Jul 21,2016


Brian Wu began his writing career early. As a fifth grader, he wrote a story he called “Wacky Olympics.” He later wrote “Body Wars,” a personification of the immune system and how human bodies fight disease.

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What is Chiropractic?

Jun 02,2016


The word chiropractic is a combination of two greek words, chiros and praxis, meaning done  by hand, more or less. And for the religiously minded, this symbol    was used to refer to chiropractors in a combination of the greek letters chi and rho. 

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John Niec  Using plastic, steel or ceramic reusable coffee mugs is an easy way to reduce waste this Earth Day.

Help Keep the Earth Healthy

Apr 21,2016

According to management at the Trader Joe’s at South Shore Center, Alameda County’s reusable bag ordinance has helped reduce the store’s daily paper bag churn by 75 percent. Throughout the county since 2013, customers are charged 10 cents per grocery bag.

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