Health Matters

Dr. Natalie Gelman

The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Oct 19,2017

What's on Your Mind?

A question was asked by a person who wanted to change a person’s way of looking at the world. She said that this individual tends to be critical, rejecting and unhappy. I address this concern regularly in my office. 

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Mike Lano &nbsp&nbsp Local residents could take advantage of several informational booths at the College of Alameda Health Fair last Thursday.

College Hosts Health Fair

Oct 19,2017


The College of Alameda held a Health and Wellness Fair for the public on Thursday, Oct. 12, with a variety of booths including a destressing station. A stage was packed with non-stop singers, dancers, actors and athletes throughout the event. 

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp  Miss Alameda Jessica Robinson (right) with student interns left to right Alex Wu, Erika Wu, Ming Gao, Wendi Vien, and Ella Burk. Chris Slafter from Clean Water Fund appears in the back row.

Locals Teamup for Healthy Environment

Oct 19,2017


Former Miss California USA participant Jessica Robinson, known locally as Miss Alameda, has joined up with Alameda’s ReThink Disposable program to involve high school students in a new environmental project to help 100 local businesses go “packaging free.”

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Learning to Accept Kids Leaving Home

Sep 21,2017


When a child goes to college away from home, the hope is that that child is happy and eager to move out of the family home. The hope is that the parents are supportive of the decision and also prepared for the child to move out of the family home.

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Free Meditation Classes Slated

Sep 14,2017


A free Introduction to meditation class is open and available to the public each Monday now until Nov. 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. Classes are held in Alameda at 1134-E Ballena Blvd., #8.

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Cannabis Conundrum Challenges Community

Sep 13,2017

Last November California voters passed Proposition 64, which allows anyone 21 or older to buy recreational marijuana (cannabis) from licensed California sellers beginning January 1, 2018. State lawmakers continue enacting legislation to regulate this multibillion dollar industry.

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Tips for Couples on Improved Communication

Aug 17,2017


I received a question about how couples can learn to communicate in ways that are not destructive to their relationship. There is not a simple answer to this question without knowing more about the individuals and the history of the problem. 

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