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The Case for License-Plate Readers

Jul 21,2021

Editor’s note: the writer penned this as a letter to the City Council.

With respect to all City Council members, please be reminded of the stated priorities outlined for the council on the city’s website:

• Preparing Alameda for the Future

• Protecting Core Services

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Dr. Natalie Gelman

Being Alone

Jul 15,2021

A question was submitted to me asking me to make a recommendation of how to handle the feeling of loneliness.

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Paying for Medicare

Jul 15,2021

If you get Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits, your Part B (Medical Insurance) premium will get deducted automatically from your benefit payment.

If you don’t get benefits, you’ll get a bill to pay your premiums for:

1. Part B (Medical Insurance)

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Shorebirds’ aerial displays make for exciting watching as they rise in large groups and flash from light, to dark, and light again as they fly in tight formations designed to evade predators.

Where Have All the Shorebirds Gone?

Jul 14,2021

Visiting Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary at Crown Beach last week, I noticed a lonely looking flock of about six marbled godwits, large cinnamon-colored shorebirds, resting with their heads tucked into their backs during a high tide.

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