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Vacancy on Board for Tenant Rights

Nov 19,2015

The city is soliciting applications from housing providers who would like to serve on the Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC). The appointee will serve a four-year term.

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A Veterans Day Remembrance

Nov 06,2015

The following Veterans Day reflections were written by Alamedan lrv Hamilton, on Nov. 03, 2003. He deeply believed and was most patriotic when it came to his thoughts about our soldiers and the great services they have provided to our country. He passed away last Memorial Day. 

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‘Molding’ Causes Your Pet Discomfort

May 14,2015

Dear Flora: 

My name is Betty Beagle, and my guardian is a really good guy.  I gotta say, I don’t know why, but when we are out for a walk, he sometimes places his foot on my back near my tail, pushes down with his foot, and says “Sit, sit, sit!” while he’s doing it! 

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