Proceed with Caution

Jun 09,2016


Drivers: speed limit in most of Alameda is 25 mph

I almost hit a pedestrian while turning right from Otis Drive onto Broadway. My heart dropped. The very thing I had appreciated as a pedestrian caught me off guard as a driver.

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Please Vote Tuesday

Jun 02,2016


This is it, people. Time for California to shine. For all those past pundits who quip that California’s primary never matters, this year, it does. 

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Plan for Trees not Clear Cut

May 26,2016


Alameda Point’s trees don’t seem to be a consideration

Many beautiful mature trees at Alameda Point could be cut down unless measures are taken to protect them. 

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The True National Debt

May 26,2016


What’s our national debt? The financial one that comes to mind is subservient to a second and deeper national debt.  

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