Talking to Each Other

Feb 15,2023

For years, I have been concerned about the diminishment of conversations in our lives. It began with the answering machine, moved onto emails, and now text. People are not talking to each other much anymore. And I believe it is having an impact on our relationships.

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Alameda Unified School District -- Last month, Encinal High’s student radio station staff visited KQED radio station’s San Francisco offices.

Encinal Radio Staff’s Day at KQED

Feb 14,2023

During our radio class at Encinal High School (EHS), we were presented with a new opportunity. Our teacher Kevin Gorham announced that we had been selected to participate in KQED’s Youth Takeover program.

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How Alameda Businesses Can Protect the Climate

Feb 09,2023

Alameda businesses can play an important role in reducing Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the climate protection actions businesses can take also reduce expenses, making them more profitable.

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Where, Oh Where, Has My Precious Cell Phone Gone?

Feb 02,2023

Having moved here from the East not long ago, new friends have been hard to find without kids or dogs. But patience will always be a virtue, and last year I met a guy my age at a friend’s wedding in Sausalito and found a real true friend for life.

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Alameda's Urban Forest Plan

Jan 26,2023

Trees help protect the climate by removing carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere through the natural process of photosynthesis. The more trees we plant the better for the climate. Trees also provide shade, valuable habitat for wildlife and can help reduce storm runoff.

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It’s All In Our Heads

Jan 19,2023

I watched a program on PBS the other day about a man exploring the Appalachian Mountains. One of the people he met with was a woman who has walked the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine four times.

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New Year’s Memo Written to Myself

Jan 11,2023

Having practiced law on Wall Street for almost 40 years, I long ago abandoned most ways of evaluating my life, until today.

I swim and use the Jacuzzi at the health club about three times a week. Not without effort, but my weight, while an issue, is not a problem.

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Bike Walk Alameda Looks Ahead to Successful 2023

Jan 11,2023

In looking back over the past year, Bike Walk Alameda has a lot to be grateful for (and proud of!). But, more than anything, we’re grateful for your support. Supporting biking and walking comes in many shapes and sizes.

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