Rentals — Retelling a Tale for the Ages

Mar 17,2016
I respectfully submit to you an interactive letter for consideration in your next edition. It’s multiple choice and there’s no wrong answer.
Once upon a time in
(a) Alameda
(b) Edwardian England
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Free-Market Rent Is Alameda Tradition

Mar 03,2016

Since the establishment of Alameda 154 years ago and through numerous real estate booms and busts, landlords and tenants have co-existed without city mandates regarding pricing. Yet the City Council is quickly making policies that will forever change this relationship.

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Council Must Plug Fixed-Term Loophole

Mar 03,2016
Around 1 a.m. at the Feb. 16 City Council meeting, Mayor Trish Spencer revealed that fixed-term leases can be used by landlords to avoid paying relocation costs. 
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Tenants Should Learn to Appreciate Landlords

Feb 25,2016


We have been landlords in Alameda since 2003 when my husband and I bought a multi-unit Victorian. He was in the construction business, and I was just starting a new career after being travel agent for 30 years. 

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Central Ave. Plan Must Consider Everyone’s Needs

Feb 18,2016

Residents, businesses, city staff and bicyclists will have their last say with the City Council on Feb. 24 for the future of Central Avenue’s design. Proponents claim it will make the street safer for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

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