Make Frank Bette’s Wish Come True

Apr 21,2016


How Frank Bette’s wish to turn his home and business building into an art center came to be is an interesting story. Gretchen Fleischer was quite surprised to learn that she was named in Frank’s will. She thought maybe he had left one of his books or a print for her. 

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City Attempt at Rent Solution Leaves Much to be Desired

Apr 14,2016

The passage of Ordinance 3148: A Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance has brought turmoil and unrest to the provincial city of Alameda. Tenants dislike the “no fixed cap” clause that allows landlords to raise rents as much as they please.

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The Art of Ascending from the Trenches

Apr 07,2016

A recent press release from the  Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) retraced the mercurial trajectory of the newly designated chief student support officer — an upwardly mobile professional who scurried in near record time from the teacher credentialing program at Cal State Hayward, in and ou

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Nothing Magical about Running a Newspaper

Mar 31,2016

Business owners, take note. There’s something magical going on in Alameda. It’s a place where you just send in a notice of your event and, for free, it appears 23,500 times in front of people all over town. Then it appears online, too.

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Corrections to Myths of Charter Schools

Mar 24,2016


I agree with one statement Patti Wilczek, the executive director of the charter management organization for NEA and ACLC) made in her op-ed piece (“Dispelling Charter School Myths,” March 17). There’s evidence of a new trend regarding charters. 

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