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Years ago, we were given the Naval Air Station, prime real estate on San Francisco Bay, and we still have not figured out what to do with it. There’s been no leadership, lots of excuses.  
Then we had the opportunity to have a wonderful theater in downtown Alameda, and the parking garage that took forever. The blue hairs were terrified. 
Progress is not a democratic process. It requires leadership, vision, and strength of will. Now, a problem several orders of magnitude smaller has us buffaloed: a bench with history. Paint it, repair it, or spruce it up. 
Alameda Police Department Chief Paul Rolleri has stated that “the bench provides natural concealment for bad behaviors.” Let’s tear down all the houses in Alameda for certainly they are concealing bad behavior.

— Jay Guenon


I wonder why a kid this age would do such a thing (“Armed Thief Strikes School,” March 13). I know he’s 18 but this is just plain childish. It’s very likely he’d be turned in and thrown out of school. Yes, it’s a crime. Yes, it’s a felony. Yes, it’s stupid — it’s not just youthful high spirits. 
What is going on in his life? Does he need jail, or does he need medication and supervision? Something screwy here. Time to take a close look at all the factors and not just throw away another human being.

— Alana Dill


On behalf of the Encinal High School band boosters, I want to thank these wonderful local businesses who generously donated to our spaghetti feed fundraiser for the schools music program on March 6. Donations of coffee from Wescafe and delicious bread from Semifreddi’s and Feel Good Bakery greatly helped our event and were greatly appreciated by the student performers, parents, staff and community members who attended. 
Businesses like these help keep school programs, like ours, thriving in Alameda. I am happy to patronize these businesses regularly and invite others to as well.

— Jeanne Nader