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Editor: I’d like to express my support of Janani Ramachandran, California Assembly candidate, because she is first and foremost a fighter for justice.

As a young, South Asian woman, I can draw many connections between Janani and myself. Especially as our current statewide government lacks South Asian representation, I feel it’s even more important to send Janani to the Assembly.

As a beacon of justice for the East Bay, Janani was endorsed by the City of Alameda Democratic Club after earning more than 60% of the members’ votes. As most candidates fail to receive the 60% of votes to secure an endorsement from the club, this vote was a particularly historical one.

But above all, Janani’s message speaks to me. Her vision for California is one that I hope we can achieve, one that truly leaves no group behind.

Perhaps the single most compelling reason for my support of Janani is her refusal to accept corporate money, allowing her to govern impartially and without the backdoor deals that many of our representatives make with corporations before even reaching office.

Janani is up against the California Democratic Party and large corporations, both of whom are terrified of a candidate who will truly fight for justice.

But as a fighter for the people, she won’t stop until each and every Californian has what they need to thrive. And that’s why we need her in office.

Anjani Chokkalingam

Editor: The City of Alameda Democratic Club voted to endorse Janani Ramachandran for California State Assembly, as over 60% of members cast ballots for Janani over Mia Bonta.
This was an historic vote, as the club rarely endorses on their own. To me, this signals that the club and people of Alameda are ready for a breath of fresh air.

As a 35-plus year resident of Alameda, I also need a breath of fresh air. The Bonta ‘machine’ has been troublesome ever since Ms. Bonta was not only elected to the Alameda School Board, but magically became president as soon as the votes were counted.

I support Janani Ramachandran for those and other exact reasons. I would like to be represented by someone who is not bought by corporations, unions or other special interest groups or individuals. I hope all who read this letter will consider voting for Janani on Aug. 31

Kenneth Werner

Courtesy Wilma Chan

More then 1 million Alameda County residents are fully vaccinated! While this is an exciting milestone, COVID-19 is still spreading in our communities and many Alameda County residents remain unvaccinated.

The vaccines are safe and provide the best protection against severe illness, hospitalization, and death due to COVID-19.

Cases of COVID-19, including the highly transmissible Delta variant, continue to rise in Alameda County. Most new cases are in unvaccinated residents.

The Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) encourages all eligible, unvaccinated residents to schedule their COVID-19 vaccine appointments as soon as possible.

Eligible, unvaccinated residents 12 years and older, and those who missed their second dose, should call 510-208-4VAX or register online to schedule an appointment.

Testing for COVID-19 in Alameda County

In partnership with community partners, ACPHD is operating free COVID-19 testing locations throughout the county.

Testing is free and available to anyone with or without symptoms at all community testing sites in Alameda County. You will not be asked about immigration status and do not need insurance at any of these locations.

For more information and guidance on COVID-19 testing, visit ACPHD’s Testing for COVID-19 page.

— Wilma Chan Alameda County Supervisor District 3