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The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to Amy Wooldridge, the director of the Alameda Recreation and Parks Department (ARPD).

Attn ARPD Director:
Twice in one week you have left the 40,000-watt lights on all night at Leydecker Park. What, it’s only taxpayers’ money so it doesn’t matter?

— Len Peters


I was surprised to read about the fuddy-duddy opposition to the “mega bar” Capone’s written about a few weeks back (“Stop the mega bar,” March 13). 
That building has been sitting empty for years and it’s about time a business with some imagination and style can help liven up this diamond in the rough. 
You can’t assume that people going there will drink and drive. We have many establishments that serve alcohol and if they can serve alcohol, then so should 
This location has great access to public transportation for those who overindulge and it will help an already growing night life scene that makes even more people want to visit our Island. 
You cannot be against something because of what free people might do. 
Come join me there on opening night to welcome this great idea and establishment to our city.

— Tom Zolanski


On behalf of the many homeless students in the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD), I would like to express my deepest thanks to the individuals and organizations that participated in our Adopt-A-Family program during this last Season of Giving. Presents received for homeless students in grades K through 12 included gift cards, clothes, toys, bath products, books and much more to 50 families in our 
Those donors were: Trinity Lutheran Church; Jessica Fleishman Hayes; Encinal High School (EHS); EHS Leadership Class; Lincoln Middle School; Sharmaine Moody; Wood Middle School; Monica Blea; Alameda High School; Sandra Pula and Michael Lee; Payne & Associates; Allison Sullivan; Paden Elementary School; Sue McMahon; Parents of Edison Elementary School; Sharon Khadder; The Delta Zeta Chapter of Alameda; Cindy Frankel; Bayview Women’s Club; the staff at Gallagher & Lindsey; Mr. and Mrs. Stolp and family; Olivia Rebanal and family and Denise Jimenez.
I would like to extend special thanks to the officers of the 
Alameda Police Department, who gave homeless students gift cards and took them shopping at Target — complete with motorcycle escorts! This “Shop with a Cop” was incredibly generous and fun for the children.
AUSD greatly values the many ways in which the community supports our homeless families. Thank you, again.

— Vickie Smith