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I found the recent article on South Shore Center development very interesting (“South Shore Center Makeover Planned,” Aug. 15). Firstly, that the intention is to build at least 578 residential units and revamp the shopping center which I expect will increase current traffic problems. Secondly, that the intended target completion is 2041, just nine years from 2050. 

It is pretty well accepted that climate change is occurring and it affects sea levels. The big question is how soon and how high. Some sources suggest 1 degree Centigrade would result in a 7-foot rise in sea level. One source conjectures that a 1 or 2 degree rise would result in a whopping 20-foot rise because it has done so in the past. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a temperature increase of 1 degree by 2050.

You can test various scenarios at the NOAA website:  https://coast.noaa.gov/slr. Note the impact to other parts of the Island as well.


Robert Anderson

I was born and raised in Alameda, and still reside here. It confounds me how the public officials here in Alameda have stopped representing the public and are instead representing construction and real estate interests. 

I thought Alameda had a restriction on the height of new or remodeled construction, yet the article in the Alameda Sun (“South Shore Center Makeover Planned,” Aug. 15) spells out how a pair of eight-story buildings will be constructed where Sushi House and Pagano’s are currently located, along with other businesses. This will be followed by two four-story buildings that will occupy the space where South Shore Cafe and Office Depot are located currently located. Lastly TJ Maxx and Kohl’s will be replaced with five residential buildings.

So, South Shore will no longer be the open mall we enjoy, but will instead become something more like the area where Urban Outfitters is in Emeryville. There a few shops sit in the shadow of tall buildings. Many people whose homes face South Shore will now have their skylines changed by these tall buildings. 

Our city leaders continue to allow residential and business construction without addressing the need for additional ways for the growing traffic to be alleviated. The West End only has the Posey Tube to get off the Island. Traffic in and of itself is bad enough, but worse, when an accident blocks this way off the Island, the bridges on the East End become burdened with the extra traffic. 

The city leaders lied, saying there would be no burden placed on our roadways from the additional traffic from new construction, but after everything was set in stone and some construction completed; only then did city leaders admit new residential construction is crowding our streets. With the construction of residential properties on the former Naval Air Station due to add even more traffic, it’s unreasonable for the city to authorize even more construction. 

Not only is Alameda becoming a traffic nightmare, it is losing it’s small-town feel, and becoming just another overcrowded city.


Ernest Mac

What an amazing piece of writing by Bruce Elerick “Make Sun’s Spin More Conservative,” Aug. 15. He was firing on all cylinders: railing against millennials, seeing a mysterious turn to the left in the paper, placing quotation and exclamation marks where they’re not needed and calling the editors of the Alameda Sun delusional. 

My favorite part was when he wrote that Sun staff were part of a Bay Area Leftist cabal. While I was disappointed he didn’t go as far as to call you socialist whippersnappers, overall I was very impressed with his rantings and ravings.  

Please print every letter he writes, especially if he mentions any conspiracy theories. I find his letters very entertaining. 


Carlo Balboni, big fan