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In last week’s article (“City Seeks Public Input on Draft Housing Element,” April 7), the Sun reported the city is required by the state’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) to build 6,424 new housing units. The correct RHNA mandate is 5,353 housing units, according to the city’s housing sites inventory report. In the city’s interactive Housing Element Tool, which allows residents to rank by importance where they would like to build new housing units, the site asks visitors to build 6,424 units of housing. However, the number is not indicative of the city’s RHNA mandate. To view the city’s interactive Housing Element tool, visit https://cityofalamedaca.abalancingact.com/housing.

— Editor

Discovering the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and witnessing President Joe Biden’s tepid response to the Russian assault on Ukraine, one has to worry if Hunter will ever get his job back at Burisma (Editor’s note: Burisma Holdings Limited is a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies. It is registered in Limassol, Cyprus, but based in Kyiv, Ukraine).

Given my retirement portfolio is invested heavily in Burisma, I have to worry about the value of Burisma stock now that Hunter is no longer calling the shots nor steering that ship.

Admittedly, it is a little self-centered of me to be worried about retirement, when it is Hunter that his being pilloried by the news media that feeds more on facts than on Russian or liberal disinformation.

First, Hunter loses his Navy retirement because of under-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Then he loses his Burisma sinecure due to self-righteous snitches and nattering tattletales like Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson.

If he is denied the opportunity to shake the Ukrainian government down for $50,000 per month, he may have to fall back on his art career.

That would put him at the mercy of capricious art snobs and self-appointed dilettantes who pay $500,000 for a Hunter original one week and include it in their yard sale the next week.

The irreverent are eager to pass Hunter off as a near-do-well flim-flam man.

While it may be true that the bad apples never fall far from the tree, should Hunter have to suffer needlessly just because he lacks the integrity gene?

— Lieutenant Commander Jeffrey R. Smith, USN Retired

I wish to strongly object to a letter in this week’s Sun.

In the letter to the editor (“Biden’s new proposed tax plan is worrisome,” April 7), Jeffrey R. Smith takes off his teacher’s hat and puts on his Navy hat to propose, under the guise of a critique of President Joe Biden’s wealth tax proposal, a ridiculous and fallacy-filled fever dream, itself a cover for several snide, sly (I suppose he thinks they’re sly), and fantastical insinuations about Biden and his son Hunter. If he was trying to be funny, I would suggest he not quit his day job.

Sorry, Lt. Commander. I found it offensive.

— Jeff Mark