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I just wanted to point out and praise the fine work done by League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) on the campaign funding graphs available on their website, 

I had developed an interest in, and looked at a few filings previously, but to see all the information in color-coded bar graphs was impressive and enlightening. 

Thank you LWVA and keep up the great work. 


Andrew Huntoon

I strongly support Frank Matarrese for Mayor of Alameda because of his honesty, transparency and ability. I was very impressed by his performance at the debates, where he answered every question with the kind of directness and intelligence that our city deserves. I urge Alameda residents to help elect Frank. His leadership and commitment can make a major difference in our community.

Jonathan Folkman


Thank you for your editorial regarding your decision not to take sides in politics (“The Courage to Remain Neutral,” Oct. 18). I admire, respect and agree with that decision. The job of a newspaper is to report the news — period. That’s the reason it’s called a “newspaper.” 

Your courageous stand is being derided and attacked in today’s world where insults and slanderous comments are being traded by citizens and especially among politicians. These comments are being met with cheers by some segments of our society. I personally have a great deal of faith in the people of America and feel this period will eventually run its course. The havoc and the hatred might prevail for a while, but Americans will get sick of it and will want their country back. 

Meanwhile, we hope many other newspapers are following the same path and are not giving in to the demands of the screaming mobs and the people in power who stir up the mobs.


Violet Grayson