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Editor: Now that Alameda County has tentatively agreed to help Oakland keep the Athletics here in a new stadium, there is reason to be optimistic that our one last East Bay team may stay with us. However, the proposed site at Howard Terminal is far less desirable than the current stadium location when it comes to parking. The architectural renderings show virtually no parking lots at all. So, the question is, how will fans get to the new ballpark?

I have an idea that might help both A’s fans and the city of Alameda. The proposed stadium location is just across the estuary from the Alameda ferry terminal, and since we are in the process of redeveloping the old Navy base, we have lots of wide-open spaces that could be converted to parking lots. There are 81 home games each year, and if the city charged $30 for game-day parking (the same as the A’s currently charge), that could be quite a bit of income for the city. Naturally, this would mean that a pedestrian bridge would have to be built, but that seems doable. A side benefit is that the bridge could also be used year-round by pedestrians and cyclists, affording a crossing that is vastly preferable to going through the tube on a bike.

Astute readers will quickly realize that a real drawback to this plan is increased traffic through the tube on game days. Engineers would have to determine how much additional traffic our little island could realistically bear. An automobile bridge would solve that problem, as well as the congestion that is already being caused by our ever-expanding housing in Alameda, and although that would be far more expensive, it might be the best solution overall. Such a bridge could also include pathways for walkers and bikers, as on the Golden Gate Bridge.

— James Sparks


While FAAS works hard to find every animal a forever home, we are committed to placing our animal guests in temporary foster homes where they can let their true light shine. Research shows that foster-based programs have the best outcomes.

Now, with our shelter near capacity from a sudden surge of canine strays as well as owner surrenders, is the perfect time to volunteer as a FAAS foster!

We have a number of wonderful, family-friendly dogs with so much love to give. Many are seniors with a very chill vibe and others are young pups ready for long walks and adventures.

As a FAAS foster family, you will be provided with the food, any medical care the animal might need, and all the supplies — crates, dog beds, harnesses, and toys. You will also receive ongoing support from our professional staff. You open your heart and home — we’ll take care of the rest!

If you think you might like to foster or adopt a dog, one of our beautiful adult cats or kittens, rabbits, or our Guinea pig, Cinnamon, please fill out an application at www.alamedaanimalshelter.org/adopt and a member of our Adoptions Team will contact you.

— John L. Lipp, CEO Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter


Trick or Treat on Webster Street, Sunday, October 31st! Over 25 merchants will be open for costumed children enjoying the holiday. Then go to WABA’s Monsters & Mayhem, Noon - 5p.m. for some great Halloween fun: carnival, games/prizes, arts & crafts at the Healing Garden, 1435 Webster St. Volunteers are needed for this event, please contact me if interested.

Not dressed up for Halloween is a family of ducks that have taken over a space between Beacon Business Bank and Discount City (1440 Webster St.). They are making a mess but feel right at home. Their message: The West End is the Best End! Be a duck and spread the word.

As always, it’s a pleasure to advocate and represent the west end of Alameda, a neighborhood I personally call home. Please connect with me with comments/ ideas/suggestions.

— Linda Asbury Executive Director, West Alameda Business Association