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The Alameda Sun really is our community paper. You defend our interests as simple citizens, against powers that do not necessarily want to be transparent in their dealings. We the public wouldn’t know any different and they are counting on that. You tell us what is actually happening. 

Thank you for being our community paper!


— Pat Bowen

This ordinance was put on the books to fence off crooks plain and simple. Should you be an elected official disliking such, do yourself and everyone else a favor and resign. We taxpayers have the right to know and challenge you.

Just as a side note, for everyone cheering this decision, Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcroft cannot make any financial decision alone. It is up to City Manager Eric Levitt. The city adopted that amendment and that was progress; cutting power to the Sunshine Ordinance is regression.

There is a very simple reason behind it. In 1936 City Manager B. Ray Fritz and Mayor Hans W. Roebke defrauded the taxpayers and were forced out. Look it up.

There is a simple sentence that defines it all, “the ones who ignore history are bound to repeat it.”

Did someone need to cut off the Sunshine Ordinance for personal gain? Alameda residents, please keep this in mind for the next election. It will be time to vote out all the people who voted to weaken this ordinance.

Our Councilmembers claim to be Democrats, yet we need to remind them of the concept of true Democracy. 


— Joel Rambaud

I wanted to make you aware of a dangerous situation affecting children in Alameda. There’s a new documentary on the Oxygen network called The Witnesses that details how the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses is actively covering up child sexual abuse within their congregations. You can see it at www.oxygen.com/the-witnesses.

Also, Atlantic magazine uncovered a secret database kept by Jehovah’s Witnesses that shows there may be more than 18,000 pedophiles in the congregations in the United States alone! Since there are about 12,000 congregations in the country, that would mean every congregation has one or two known child sex predators hiding in them. 

That’s a very scary situation for Alameda children because, according to the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses (jw.org), there are four congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the city.
I wanted to make you aware since this is a situation that affects Alameda in a way that people need to be made aware of. There’s a lot more information available on this subject online. 
Thank you in advance for warning the community of the danger their children might be in. 


— Adie M.