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Why does the Alameda Sun never cover the amazing Alameda music scene? There are dozens of bands playing every night of the week in establishments all over the Island. Rarely does the Local Happenings section mention even one percent of what’s going on. 
I know you must make room for quilting classes and poetry readings but please understand some of your readers like a little more excitement. So how about a music section? Here’s a list of places that have live music to get you started: Lucky 13, Speisekammer, Fireside, 1400, Rhythmix, Forbidden Island and High Street Station.  
Here’s some great local Alameda bands to follow: The Harrington Saints, the Up and Down, The Saloons, Okie Rosette, the Associated Stunt Double and the UkeMamas.  

— Carlo Balboni


I am incensed to learn that the city has a "just-tear-it-down" attitude about the Clark bench in Jackson Park. I was outraged to read Alameda Police Chief Paul Rolleri’s support of this drastic measure because, according to him, miscreants use the bench to hide from the police.

If Rolleri gets his way, then those same reprobates might use the trees in the park to hide from his officers. Should we then take all the trees in Jackson Park down as well? If that were done, then all those troublemakers could hide in and around the park’s bandstand. Should we take that down, too?

With the bench, the trees and the bandstand gone, the malefactors might hide out in the yards of the homes around the park. So let’s take the homes down, too. We can start with the one at 1173. That’s where Isabelle Clark lived. After all she’s the one who started all this by building the bench in the first place.


— Guy Knecht


I note the story about the proposed land swap of AUSD-titled land at Encinal Terminal ("AUSD, City’s New Land Swap Deal," March 6). Putting aside the substance of the deal (for example, whether a third of the apparent market value is an appropriate amount, the non-public nature of the negotiations), how is this a swap?

The developer will be paying $117,000 in actual cash-on-the-barrelhead, spendable, U.S. dollars: "the deal includes swapping for money. That’s not a swap; that’s a sale. Why aren’t we calling it that?

— Jeff Mark