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Bravo to Carrie Beavers for her commentary about domestic violence, the NFL officials, owners, players and the most recent story ("Put a Stop to the Spiral of Shame," Sept. 11).

It is tragic. We do find it interesting that the TV editors decided not to show the journalist who was recently beheaded by the terrorists. Yet they have chosen to repeatedly air Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée and wife, Janay, in the elevator. We leave the room when we hear a news channel discussing this; reporting it once was enough,

Learning how to manage stress and anger is a lifelong discipline. In the same spirit Alameda Sun is a community newspaper, please consider adding contact telephone numbers and Internet addresses for those who find themselves in stressful situations by causing harm to themselves, like Robin Williams’ suicide, or harm to others like the most recent abuser Ray Rice.

We believe the more important question to ask is "Why does the abuser feel compelled to lash out to hurt themselves or others?"

We applaud your decision to speak out!

Andy Sinaiko and JoanAnn Radu-Sinaiko


Some 150 motor vehicles dumped into the residential neighborhood surrounding Littlejohn Park is a loser for the future buyers/renters of the Del Monte property to be, and a huge loser for the residents surrounding the proposed project, as well as for all residents of Alameda.

The win-win as was made known to us in a recent letter ("Win-win long overdue at Del Monte property," Aug. 21) is for the Alameda Home Team and the big win is for the developer Tim Lewis Communities.

Any entity or person who proposes, advocates or approves (City Council) such a project, should be escorted off the Island and asked not to return. One vehicle is too many to dump on our streets; if a project does not have sufficient parking for all of its proposed vehicles, it should not be proposed, advocated, approved or constructed.

The insensitivity of proposing that 150 motor vehicles be dumped into a residential neighborhood of Alameda is an insult; regrettably, this lose-lose was not mentioned in the Aug. 21 letter.

Michael Cosentino


In a recent letter in the Alameda Sun ("Open letter to AUSD interim chief," Sept. 4) a parent took issue with the length of lunch at his child’s elementary school.

I am sorry to hear of a student reporting a bad experience in one of our cafeterias. We certainly want our students to have the time to eat a healthy meal in a relaxed manner.

The California Department of Education recommends that students receive at least 20 minutes for lunch, which this child’s school does provide. The school also provides 25 minutes for lunch recess.

We do our best to get children through the lunch line and/or seated as quickly as possible. But in the first few weeks of school, the lines sometimes move more slowly as children learn to navigate the lunchroom, including the salad bar, entrée stations and recycling areas.

Please know that we support families in wanting their children to have a healthy, pleasant lunch experience. In our quest for continuous improvement, we very much appreciate working cooperatively with families, and we encourage feedback to school principals who can help problem-solve these kinds of issues

Sean McPhetridge, Interim Superintendent, Alameda Unfied School District