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We always read your paper, knowing that your reporting is honest and in the best interests of informed Alamedans. Thank you for being there for us! 

Norman & Patricia Bowen


Should Measure B pass, Alameda taxpayers will be on the hook for $11.7 million to acquire a cluster of abandoned federal buildings on McKay Avenue.

Vice Mayor John Knox White has said the city has no money for this.

Former Mayor Trish Spencer, who is affiliated with “Friends of Crab Cove” — the group responsible for Measure B and for this costly special election — has admitted that “Friends of Crab Cove” does not have a funding strategy for their initiative, should it pass. 

Spencer made this comment during a Feb. 6 meeting of the Alameda County Democratic Party: “Honestly, I’m going to submit that no, we don’t have a plan for how to pay for additional fees.”

As a result, the Alameda County Democratic Party refused to endorse Measure B.

The $11.7 million needed to fund Measure B is roughly equal to Alameda’s entire sales tax revenue, and with no plan and no funding, Measure B is just fiscally reckless for our city. I urge responsible Alameda taxpayers to vote “no” on Measure B in the April 9 special election.


Jason Biggs

Surely the Alameda Sun’s staff was having a bit of fun when they misspelled the word “achievements” in the photo caption identifying Alameda’s top five spellers at the Alameda Spelling Bee, Feb. 2, (“Island City Students Compete in Bee,” Feb. 7). Or perhaps they simply forgot that “i” goes before “e”, except after “c”, or in words sounding like “neighbor” and “way”!


Matt Bliven

Editor’s note: Congratulations Matt, we’ve just bestowed upon you the title of “Cheif of Spelling Police.”