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I just read your response and it made my day (“Publisher’s Response,” Aug. 15). I have lived in Alameda for 27 years and I wanted to thank you and the Alameda Sun for your service to our community. I have some of the history books that publishers Eric J. Kos and Dennis Evanosky have written and I really appreciate them. 

I am headed to the funeral service for my former pastor, Jack Buckley, as I write this and I heard that the Sun donated his front-page obituary. Thank you! 


Kate Stiling

I wanted to express my admiration and support for your recent response to the accusation that the Alameda Sun is politically imbalanced (“Publisher’s Response,” Aug. 15). Your reply was spot on. 

As a fellow “Gen Xer,” I agree that the generalized attacks of later generations on Millennials are ridiculous and undeserved. There are bad and good people in every generation!


Mark Kafka

Editor’s note: We totally agree and adore our “millennial editors.” It seems that through American history, each generation has felt the scorn of the older ones as they found their way in society. Generation X and the Baby Boomers certainly did as well. 


Just a note to compliment you on your ethics for letters to the editor, which you set forth so clearly (“Publisher’s Response,” Aug. 15).  It’s refreshing to read something so light and bright at a time of ever-increasing darkness.

Also, please accept my thanks for your dedication to your profession of journalism. It has a most noble history and is certainly bound to be part of the solution we need rather than the problem we face.

I graduated from Piedmont High School in 1960, at a time when parents parented and authority was respected. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1966, at a time when it was just tipping into the academic abyss. I moved to Alameda in 1984, when it was not only a charming environment, but also a friendly town with city leaders dedicated to humble, selfless service.

I never thought I’d see in Alameda’s city government the avarice and corruption that seems to be spreading so extensively through our state and country and which cost Alameda one of the finest city managers on the West Coast.


James A. Stehr