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Editor: We’re headed into November and while there are concerns about supply chain, store deliveries, and inflation consumer confidence rose. This could turn out to be a great holiday season! But we’d like to ask one thing of you…

While we encourage everyone to support our Alameda businesses on Shop Small Saturday (the day after Black Friday), why stop there?

Small business deserves much more of our attention than one day a year.

Small businesses employ 60.6 million people. They also support PTAs and youth sports, making a commitment to our community because they live here. Yet, they are also the most vulnerable to economic downturn because so many of them operate on smaller budgets with little reserve.

We challenge you to review your own budget this year. Is there something you buy currently that you could now buy from a local business? Maybe it’s your morning cup of coffee or gas. Could you buy it from a small business here in Alameda instead of a larger chain?

That commitment to spending at a small business has ripple effects on our economy and it also helps support the efforts of your neighbors. It costs you nothing to switch. You’re currently spending the money any way. You’re just deciding to spend it with a strategy to keep more of it in our community.

Are you in on committing to local?

— Madlen Saddik, President Alameda Chamber of Commerce

Editor: We did it! To all the folks who supported Alameda Haunts 2021 — caring folks who shared their talents, decorated and got on the map, braved a deluge and soggy props and helped fundraise; who came into The Haunted Woods of Wicklow and bought merchandise and raffle tix and official AH maps (and those who purchased online!); folks who visited all the haunts and donated via the QR codes; and everyone who came out to see the 32 haunts this year...

Together we’ve raised $6,127 for Alameda Food Bank at the start of the 2021 holiday season. Bravo, y’all!! I can’t thank you enough for pulling together and surpassing last year’s donations. What a fabulous community effort.

And hope to see you back for Alameda Haunts 2022!

— Patti Cary

Editor: Now more than ever, Veterans need the support of their communities. From the close-knit groups of families and friends who can be there for them during difficult times, to the broader collection of elected officials and leaders who are policy creators and decision makers on Veterans issues.

With the recent situation in Afghanistan, many Veterans have been forced to relive and confront difficult feelings. Coupled with stress from the on-going pandemic, this can cause an unfortunate impact on Veterans across the country.

This Veterans Day we encourage everyone to do what they can to assist the veterans in their families and their communities. Reach out to your loved ones or make new connections with those in your neighborhood. And if you can, we ask that you urge your elected officials to help veterans through supporting pro-veteran policies and laws.

— Dawn “Dusty” Napier State Commander Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of California