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Alameda Citizens Task Force (ACT) began in the living room of Dr. Arthur Lipow, noted socialist author and champion of civil rights (“Arthur Lipow Passes,” January 14, 2016.) We were a group of Alameda residents who felt powerless because we didn’t belong to any of the powerful groups who appeared to have engineered the results of the first post-SunCal election. 

None of us belonged to big business nor “the city’s old guard” to which Laura Thomas alluded to in a recent commentary (“Alameda Politics not What it Seems,” Aug. 23). 

As a third-generation Alamedan, I’m still trying to figure out who “the old guard” is supposed to be. To label ACT “right-wing” is simply laughable. And can we please put to rest this canard about the “union whore” remark? It was uttered by a heckler, who entered the public meeting late and stood in the back. No organization can control who walks into its public meetings or what outbursts they make. 


— Carol Gottstein

Editor’s note: During the early 2000s, developer SunCal came close to beginning work at Alameda Point but lost funding support necessary to execute the project. 

I read with interest and distress your article about Amos White being disqualified as a City Council Candidate (“City Draws Firm Deadline for Filing,” Aug. 23). What happened seems entirely unfair. The candidate presented at the office with the necessary paperwork and a credit card. Other candidates had been permitted to pay by credit card that same day. It is my understanding that payment by check, cash or credit card are all acceptable.  

Why was his credit card refused? Allowing the finance office to close prior to the close of business seems like mismanagement at City Hall, especially on such an important day with filing deadlines looming. This decision reflects badly on Alameda. It reeks of bias.  Badly done.

Amos White should be on the ballot this fall.


Amy Wheat Rumberger

In the wake of the Michael Cohen guilty plea, the anti-Trump rhetoric has ratcheted up a few decibels. But let’s put things in perspective. 

Does Donald Trump have flaws? Yes. Is he arrogant, sometimes abrasive? I would say so. Has he had some problem relations with women? Likely so, though I hesitate to take press accounts at face value these days.

On the other side, Donald Trump is not intimidated by the FBI or British intelligence. That dirty gang has had its claws on every president and almost every congressman you can name in recent memory. The reason the British MI6 and the FBI are hell-bent on getting rid of Trump has nothing to do with his personality and his quirks. 

Trump said in his campaign that he wanted to improve relations with Russia, end the senseless wars in the Middle East, rebuild U.S. infrastructure and restore the Glass-Steagall law to rein in Wall Street. Those are fighting words to the Anglo-American patrician establishment.
Trump is the first president in a long time who hasn’t buckled to the pressure from this gang of elite thugs. If you ask me, it’s worth putting up with a few annoying character flaws.


Edward Malik