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As a pedestrian in Alameda, I feel we need to make all crosswalks safe for everyone.

In particular, we need a stop sign at Lincoln Avenue and Stanton Street, now. On Jan. 17, 2018, while I was walking through the crosswalk, I got hit by a vehicle. I spent four days in the hospital recovering and I still feel very nervous crossing the streets and using crosswalks. 

The crosswalk at Lincoln and Stanton is not safe. It’s like a freeway with vehicles speeding and not stopping for pedestrians. I would like to see the Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Council address this issue now and install a stop sign so I have a chance to cross the street.

— Frank Muñoz

Some of us hate New Year’s resolutions — mostly because it seems like a guaranteed failure. But what if the resolution was fun and easy? What if it helped solve the No. 1 gripe of Alamedans (traffic)? What if it saved you money? What if it helped reduce our island’s air pollution? What if it helped you drop a few pounds? What if it gave you a chance to reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure? What if you got to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Island? What if you just wanted to feel good physically and mentally?  

Well, then, here’s your resolution: join the mile or less club!

Before you take off on an errand, think whether your destination is a mile or less from where you are.  If it is, then only walk, ride a bike, or take the bus. If you do this for one month, it will alter your behavior forever. You’ll be healthier, richer, and happier. 

I know because I’ve been doing it for a couple of years. I have cut my gasoline bill in half; I’ve helped reduce the traffic problem on the island; I’ve reduced the Island’s air pollution; my Senior Clipper Card has saved me money every time I use it; and at 70 years old, I’m in the best shape ever!

Commit to this resolution for just one month and see how it alters your life forever. I promise you can do it! Need help to make this happen (flat tires, no Clipper Card, etc.)? Contact me and we’ll get you started. pat@bikewalkalameda.org


— Pat Potter, President, Bike Walk Alameda

I have no hope that someone who ignores a 25-mph speed limit will obey a 20-mph limit which will slow their single-minded progress even more. (“Two Solutions Could Tame Streets,” Dec. 5) Diligent enforcement of our existing speed limit will put travelers, local and visiting, on notice that our fair town has strictly enforced speed limits. It rarely takes more than one or two tickets to increase mindfulness of our laws.

More four-way stops, traffic lights, brightly painted crosswalks, red flags for pedestrians to carry while crossing would most certainly increase awareness of pedestrians and other cars. There are more creative solutions to improving traffic safety than putting another law on the books that no one obeys or enforces.

— Isadora Alman