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The Midway Shelter for abused women and children would like to thank the individuals and groups who contributed to the shelter in the month of September. A number of the listed donors contributed several times last month. There were two anonymous donors in September.

Our hats are off to Barbara Anderson, Sarah Cruz, Yolanda Howell and Betty Sanderson.

We’d like to thank Frank and Winifred Ghiglione, who gave in memory of Beverly Benasso. Deborah Potter and Francisco Vilaseca gave to honor Mike Pucci’s retirement. Janine D. Shafer donated in memory of Virginia Bartalini and Dorothy Bartalini Shafer. Clara Sigmon of the Beulah Circle gave to remember Florence Bowen.

The shelter could not survive without generous donors like Virginia Krutilek, Lois Pryor, Rich and Susan Sherratt, William and Judith Norton, Carolyn Hand, Dianne Richmond and Joanne McKray.

Cucina Di Cannelora, Inc. gave kindly, as did ABB Optical, Isle City Institute #51 YLI and Alameda High School’s "Build On."

Jennifer and Gary Dowell stepped up with a donation, as did Laurel and George Arroyo, David Hewitt, Jim and Sharon Stehr, Alice Garvin, Camilla Whyte, Cynthia G. Grady, Robert S. McBride, Richard and Judith White and Paula Patillo-Dupree.

The shelter would like to thank Suzanne C. Martin from Total Body Development, as well as Tricia Lyall and Tanya Webb. Heather Curtis gave to the shelter last month. She was joined by Elaine and Yun-Wen Hung, Beverly Church, Mary Ruth Tarpley and Jane U Brown.

The woman and children at the shelter would also like to thank Virginia and David Miller, John Cashman and Jack Ledbetter, Joyce and David Denyven, Barbara Capon, as well as Ewart Wetherill and Virginia Toppan,

If you’d like to see your name among the generous October donors to the shelter, send a donation to: Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more call 523-2377 or visit www.midwayshelter.org.

Ginny Krutilek


In a recent letter ("Start paying attention," Sept. 25) a father expressed dissatisfaction with AUSD’s decision not to allow his child to transfer from her neighborhood school to an over-enrolled school.

Let me first say that staff (including myself) understand the family’s interests and frustrations in this situation. But attendance zones exist to help prevent over-crowding in our schools. Our board policies are very clear on this matter. They must be upheld by both staff and the Board of Education. So, too, does the state Education Code very clearly state that a resident student at a school cannot be displaced by a student from outside that attendance zone.

We would like the public to know that we did respond to this parent on numerous occasions and worked with him in person, by telephone, and in written correspondence. We understand the disappointment that parents feel when they can’t send their child to a particular school. We respect this parent’s strong advocacy for his child.

But board policy must be upheld to ensure fairness to all, even when it feels unfair to one individual. We wish this student and this family the greatest success in the coming year at their neighborhood school.

Sean McPhetridge, Ed.D. Interim Superintendent, Alameda Unified School District

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It is truly an honor to serve our students. As educators, it is our privilege to know each of them by name. Each day, we are grateful for the opportunity to come to Encinal High School (EHS) — not because of brick and mortar — but because of the students who are the lifeblood of the EHS community.

EHS students are smart, funny, kind, compassionate, loud, silly, and beautiful. They are driven, focused, inspired, passionate, infuriating, ridiculous and wonderful. But like all adolescents, they sometimes make mistakes, especially when their youth clouds their judgment and their emotions get the better of them. When that happens, we try to understand the behavior — but we do not condone it.

On Friday night, in a football game against Center High School, members of the EHS team made a mistake. An egregious one.

Following a hard, but legal, football play, one of our players reacted in an unsportsmanlike manner, leading to a fight on the field. Both benches cleared, a violation of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rules. Most players who ran onto the field knew they shouldn’t. But they were acting to protect their teammates, to defend their brothers, to restore order.

Unfortunately, in the moment, some also crossed well over the line of a CIF rules violation, becoming aggressors and sullying what EHS stands for: scholarship, sportsmanship and community.

It is much easier to stand by our students, or any teenager, when they do something great. However, when they struggle or make a mistake they need us the most. We will stand by them. We will show them by continuing to love and honor them through the actions we take now as adults, that even if we love and support them — especially when we love and support them — there are consequences for one’s choices and impulsive actions.

The EHS administration, athletic department and football program have conferred about what happened last Friday night and have decided that the varsity football team will forfeit its next game, the Island Bowl.

We recognize the Island Bowl is part of the fabric of Alameda. We understand the sense of loss many will feel as a result of our decision to forfeit the game.

However, as a community, we need to support each other by holding one another accountable and by taking steps — however difficult — to teach young people to make better choices and to take responsibility for their actions.

In addition, we have decided that:

• Active participants in the altercation will be disciplined by the school.

• All players who left the bench will receive a minimum of a one game suspension, pursuant to CIF rules.

• The school will endorse all other sanctions, penalties, and/or fines issued by the CIF.

• All members of the EHS varsity football team will participate in community service with local organizations focused upon violence prevention.

• All proceeds of the gate from Friday night’s game will be given to the victims of the recent Alameda arson fires.

Sean McPhetridge, Interim Superintendent, Alameda School District; Kirsten Saso, Amy Frey, and Tracy Allegrotti, Administration, EHS; Micki Singer, Athletic Director, EHS; Ricky Rodrigues, Football Coach, EHS