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The only way to stop violence against women is for fathers to step up and do their jobs as fathers. Girls learn their sense of self-worth from their fathers. Most fathers behave like their jobs are over when the children are born.

Fathers should play with their daughters from the time the little girls are in the cradle. Play "tea party" with them and entertain them with their dolls and stuffed animals.

Listen to what they say. Let them know that you are there when they want to talk about boys and their problems. Don’t talk down to them. If you have done your jobs right, your daughters will have the self-worth necessary to find the right friends, boyfriends and husbands.

David Maxcy


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visited our Fourth Annual Pilgrim Soul Forge Fall Fair this past Aug. 30. We hosted nearly 600 visitors and showcased the wares of a dozen skilled artisans and craft workers. Alameda’s own Doggone Blues Band entertained us and Beulah’s Bean Truck provided the coffee.

Thanks are also in order to Dennis Evanosky of the Alameda Sun for his interest in the Fair, which may be the only East Bay venue for display of fine craft, hand-made foods and urban agriculture information.

See you in 2015, Alameda!

Grant R. Marcoux


The City of Alameda Democratic Club has an office at South Shore Center around the corner from See’s Candies. If you go there, you will see a banner which says "City of Alameda Democratic Club" hanging on the wall with posters for Stewart Chen, Lena Tam and Solana Henneberry, implying that the club endorsed those candidates; it did not.

For City Council, the club only endorsed Jim Oddie. Frank Matarrese came in second, but he did not receive the required 60 percent needed for endorsement. There were no endorsements for either the BART board of directors or the school board.

The Central Committee of Alameda County, in which there is only one member from our city, endorsed those candidates. It matters not a whit to me who non-residents endorsed. What matters and angers me is being deceived. "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Karen Green