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The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to Encinal High School and the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD).


Dear Sir:

According to Encinal High School’s (EHS) principal, the school received 500 more freshmen this year than were projected to join that school. I wonder if EHS and AUSD can explain where all these extra children came from.

The entire school population, before this sudden flood of students was projected to be 1,100 students, including all four years of study. Surely, the teaching staff and physical plant are not adequate to handle a 50 percent population explosion.

What is going on?

Robert Robillard


As a longtime resident of Alameda’s "Bronze Coast," I’m watching the plans for the Del Monte warehouse with great interest.

I believe that thoughtful, multi-use development of this historic parcel will breathe new life into an area of the Island that’s been underused for far too long.

As a landlord and resident of the Island for 40 years, I know that if you give Alamedans attractive places to call home, while providing desirable, accessible services and amenities, like walkable retail sorely needed in the middle of the Island, people will want to live and play here.

I welcome this kind of progressive new development in my neighborhood and am excited at the prospect of having a new waterfront destination just steps from my house.

— Carole Glaser


Editor’s note: A term coined by local real estate professionals, Alameda’s Bronze Coast refers to the area along the old San Francisco Bay shoreline (north of the lagoons) between Oak and Paru streets. Central Avenue serves as the Bronze Coast’s northern boundary.

Carole Glaser


My descision to enjoy an evening cup of tea at Peet’s came to an abrupt and disturbing end last Saturday. I had forgotten our city’s newest restaurant "Capone’s" was opening that night. As a tee-totaler I don’t frequent the bars here.

Just before 9 p.m. I noticed people spilling out onto the Central Avenue from Capone’s. I knew something was up when seemingly every police car in Alameda arrived on the scene.

When the officers told the owner that he needed a permit to take over one of our city’s busiest interestions a fight broke out. I was told that the owner then assaulted one of the officers, not the kind of behavior I expect to see in my city.

Peter Johnson