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I learned that the board of directors for my Harbor Bay Homeowners Association voted to support the Harbor Bay Neighbors in their opposition to the new Harbor Bay Club.

I was never asked or contacted about this and I never gave the board the authority to count me in opposition. The truth is, I support the new Harbor Bay Club, as do many of my friends and neighbors.

I find it disingenuous and very disconcerting that the board took this action unilaterally, and further, that the Harbor Bay Neighbors then used 100 percent of the residents in their count of people in opposition.

That is just not being honest and truthful. It makes me wonder, if "neighbors" are not being truthful about the number of their supporters. I believe it is far less than what they represent. What else are they not being truthful about?

Tracy McKean


The recent proposals by Harbor Bay Isle Association (HBIA) to radically alter the Harbor Bay Isle Master Plan is bad to the bone. The impact on Harbor Bay residents is severe. However, residents throughout the city of Alameda ought to be concerned as well.

Anyone who doesn’t care about the club, the houses or the hotel might want to know another critical reason we do not want Ron Cowan to develop any further properties in Alameda.

Cowan and his company, Doric Properties, Inc., did not complete Bay Colony, the last section of Harbor Bay Isle that he contracted to build. Another developer bought the property and completed Bay Colony as Freeport, changing the original plan and adding eight or more houses.

In addition, Bay Colony homeowners had a series of major construction problems that included failed doors, roofs and siding during the first seven years as a result of Doric’s money-saving shortcuts and shoddy construction. Homeowners were saddled with a whopping special assessment and will continue to pay the "damages" in perpetuity through increased homeowner association dues.

Doric avoided any responsibility and litigation by filing bankruptcy. Ron Cowan then "rose from the dead" as HBIA!

Is this a developer we want to build anything in Alameda

Margaret McCarthy

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to the Alameda County Democratic Party.


Sir or Madam:

Please advise the amount of money the Alameda County Democratic Party (ACDP) paid to the City of Alameda Democratic Club (CADC) in 2014.

Please also advise where the ACDP’s rules and/or by-laws state that the ACDP may determine which candidate’s campaign literature may be displayed at the CADC’s headquarters.

Richard M. Hausman