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The last paragraph in the draft impact report on the Del Monte project claims that the project will have no parking impact on adjacent neighborhoods. They propose to designate on street parking spaces within the 

This would only be true if they provide spaces for the actual number of cars expected instead of some mythical number such as one or one point seven five cars per unit. High density or low income does not reduce the number of cars per unit. 

The Housing Authority’s Esperanza project for the low, low income families provides for two spaces per unit. The tenants once petitioned to get three. 

The second-to-last paragraph claims good emergency vehicle access. The access points on Clement Avenue are not clearly defined. The project will not provide a roadway east of the entrance road to Clement Avenue. The minimum width for emergency access is 20 feet. Parking on internal streets could eliminate a 20-foot width.

The plans also show a strong traffic connection on Eagle Avenue across Sherman Street directly into a quiet R2 neighborhood. As residents here, we need parking stickers.

— Barbara Kerr


As a Bay Farm Island resident I applaud the Citizens’ League for Airport Safety and Serenity (CLASS) group for directly lobbying the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to keep flight paths out of Oakland Airport in line with residential need (“Neighbors Decry FAA Proposal,” May 22). 

I would recommend that they, and all residents of Bay Farm, also let your thoughts be known to Representative Barbara Lee who can directly impact the FAA in Washington.

Alameda is a very livable community. Late-night and early-morning jets regularly routed over people’s houses will change things for the worse.  It seems far easier and more beneficial to the public to keep “business as usual.”

— Geoff Dalander


I was glad to hear that two Board of Education members said they would not support the new bond for school repairs to the two old and inadequate high schools in our city. I’m a life-long resident of Alameda and attended our public schools. I have voted for every school bond brought up to the voters in the past but I will never vote for a new bond that will pour good money down the rat hole that is Old Alameda High (OAH). 

You can dump $50, $80 or $100 million into OAH and it will still be an inadequate campus needed for a modern facility. What I believe has to happen is that we need to build one brand new state-of-the- art high school. The children of Alameda deserve nothing less. 

The new school could be built at the Wood/Lum school site. The site is large enough to meet the state’s requirements for the number of students the new school would support. We could build the new school for $200 million. That is less than the total the board says it needs to upgrade our schools. The site is in the middle of the city so location is not an issue. 

When we build the new school it will be something the entire city will unite behind and be proud of. Encinal High School (EHS) could be remodeled into a K-8 campus that would serve the West End or EHS could be sold to develop new houses. What a beautiful place it would be to live. 

OAH could also be sold to developers and/or turned into a city center-type location. We could keep the new gym, swimming pool and the Kofman and level the rest. I have talked to a lot of people that attended both Alameda and Encinal high schools and they all say that they support this idea. 

— Don K. Peterson