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My driveway is blocked. I can’t find parking in my neighborhood. Extra litter is floating down the street. More loud drunk people are walking down my street than usual, and there is an increase in traffic on a weekend. I don’t even have to go to Park Street to know that we have another Park Street festival and street closure happening. 

Alameda should move all street fairs and car shows to South Shore Shopping Center. I don’t see why we have to close down Park Street for all of these festivals when we have a large shopping area that would be a much better venue for these events. 

South Shore is also much better to handle the parking demand that these events generate. 

Having events there instead of on Park Street would be much better for residents, drivers, public transportation, traffic and would limit the noise pollution from the “talented” bands.


Ronald Kent

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson. 

Mr. Johnson:
I have always enjoyed your articles in the San Francisco Chronicle since they were factual and not based on politics. Your article on Alameda “Building homes, not a fortress, in Alameda,” with statements by Alameda’s City Manager John Russo, is the complete opposite. 

Measure A was not put in place as a growth initiative, but rather to stop the tearing down of all the Victorian-era homes that are part of the history of Alameda. The measure had nothing to do with keeping out minority residents. Your article basically implies that long-time residents of Alameda are racist, which I take great exception to. 

There are terrific people living in our city and in my opinion they have always been open minded and fair. However, I think your article has another purpose and that is to support the City Manager’s quest to have hundreds of new houses or apartments built in Alameda, which Russo states will “create new jobs.” 

Anyone having experience in the business world knows this is a complete misconception. Bringing in new businesses, not building more homes or apartments, creates jobs. The article you wrote was so slanted it leads one to believe it was directed or even written by Russo himself.

I hope you will get back to writing articles that bring the facts to light and that you are not being used as a writing puppet by our city manager. 

— Horst Breuer


If there were any validity to the manmade global-warming theory, temperatures would be consistently going up. Check the studies for yourself, be your own investigator and you will find that the U.S. has just experienced one of the coldest winters on record. Arctic sea ice is also 50 percent thicker in 2013 than in 2012 and covers a greater area. How could this be possible if we are experiencing global warming?

The scientific method is based on testing theory, not finding examples that confirm it. When politics enters science, it is not science. In the 1970s, people were bombarded with similar scare tactics over the global-cooling theory and the catastrophic coming ice age. 

Be your on expert, do your own research. You will find many scientists who have produced great research that negates the validity of the global-warming theory.

— Marcus Lazenby