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I’ve written this to the paper before, but, Alameda is a misnomer. The word means “tree-lined street” in Spanish? Please. To this city, trees are nothing but a hassle and another expense. In this era of climate change, can’t we get Alameda Municipal Power to underground the wires, leave the trees alone and start a program to plant more trees?

— Coho Jerkins


We were delighted to read news all the way from California about the ESU National Shakespeare Competition! (“EHS Hosts Shakespeare Monologue Competition,” Jan. 9) 
The National second-place winner will receive a full scholarship to attend the American Shakespeare Center Theatre Camp in Staunton, Va., home to the world’s only re-creation of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, the Blackfriars Playhouse. 
We’re sending our best wishes to all the Alameda students competing on Feb. 1!


Kim Newton, American Shakespeare Center


Something doesn’t smell right about Banyan Azimuth (“Lighthouse Mystery Strikes Alameda,” March 27).  His name comes up in zero searches beyond those related to your newspaper and there is certainly no mention of him in any military capacity. 
Did you verify his bona fides or is he just another person falsely claiming military service?


-- Peter Lenhardt

Editor’s note: Alas, the Alameda Lighthouse Awareness Society (ALAS) and Admiral Azimuth are pure fiction in honor of April Fool’s Day. In the story the admiral and his society do play a role in announcing a real contest for the Alameda Sun’s readers to locate the four lighthouses mentioned in the story.