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Congratulations on the Oct. 30 issue of the Sun. It demonstrated very graphically what is happening to our election process in Alameda. Hopefully everybody read and digested it thoroughly before voting.

Thank you so much for doing that.

Pat Gannon


My compliments to the Alameda Sun and to Dennis Evanosky for the front-page article ("Out of Towners Finance Campaigns," Oct. 30) that was so pertinent to this year’s election in Alameda.

Regardless of one’s choice for City Council, the work done by Evanosky and the Sun stands out as an impressive investigative effort, remarkable for a small, free local paper. The volume of money coming from an anonymous source outside of Alameda to support a particular position or candidate is indeed noteworthy.

I am very impressed and proud to live in a town whose locally owned and community oriented newspaper can produce an article that reflects meaningful research as well as reporting.


Kate Lawlor

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to Alex Nguyen, assistant city manager.



Last Monday just after 7 p.m. my wife, Linda, and I went to Park Street. We had dinner at Pho Sinh and dessert at Tucker’s. As we were returning to our car we saw two men smoking at Santa Clara and Park Street.

We really need better no-smoking signage that is visible after dark and far more ubiquitous than what has been distributed so far.

I have yet to see any City of Alameda sandwich-board signs along Park or Webster streets advertising the secondhand smoke ban, which I suggested when the City Council passed the no-smoking sign regulations.

Will we have to stencil signs on the sidewalks ourselves to get something adequate done?

Jon Spangler