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The Midway Shelter for abused women and their children would like to thank all the donors who so generously helped the shelter in January.

A number of donors contributed several times last month. Four donors chose to remain anonymous.

The shelter would like to thank John Cashman, Ted and Rabbit Brassmassery, Mavis and Randy Guber, Doris M Neuberger and Kathryn Hanley for their generous donations.

Michael and LeeAnne Baker donated to the shelter in January, as did Marilyn and James Tham, Mark and Karen Brunelle, Mary E. Gleim, Librado Perez and Michael and Gabrielle Geraghty. Kathleen Pryor helped the shelter with her donation. Laurie Stove, Donald Cary, Thomas Sheehan and Jan Rodgers and Kathryn Destafney also pitched in.

Susan Koenig sent a donation, as did Ryan and Elina Graham, Kathryn Munn and Charles Hodgkins, Margaret Fago, Cathy Gordon, Danielle Gordon, Virginia Krutilek and Lisa Fukuda.

The families and friends of Otis School sent the shelter a check. They were joined by members of the First Presbyterian Church, the First Congregational Church (UCC), the Alameda Welfare Council, St. Joseph Basilica, the Chapter UN Peo Sisterhood, the First Christian Church and the Home of Truth Spiritual Center.

Lisa Lucheta and Richard Vaterlaus donated in January, as did Marilyn Appezzato, Renee and Richard Sheehan, Garrienne Nakano, Jane Sullwold for Council, Matt Warren and Betty Sanderson. Karen Kenney gave to celebrate the marriage of Dawna Dowdell and Margaret Dos Santos.

Tracy Hewitt and friends donated to the shelter last month. Srinivasan Suresh sent the shelter a check.

Susan and Richard Osanna also wrote a check, as did Cindy and Mark Hovermale and Craig Valentine.

Lance and Sandra Russum gave in memory of Andrew Barbera, John Bonato, Leo Beaulieu, Robert Reilly, Clara Peralta, Gary Schmidt, Joe Scalise, Jr., Rudy Falkner, Jack Cecconi, Florence Olivera, Taryn Sievrs, Lillian Mencke, and Jim Vercellino Jr. The shelter also received donations from the estate of Marian Roth and from Richard A. Algire, Glen Sanford, Catherine Atcheson, Audrey Aljoe, Julian Weissglass, and Susan Natt.

If you’d like to see your name listed among Midway Shelter’s generous February donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more call 523-2377 or log onto www.midwayshelter.org.

Ginny Krutilek, Alameda Homeless Network


All Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) Adopt A Classroom presentations are special, but some really stand out. For example 16-year-old Josh won $1,000 to donate to a charity of his choice. He chose to support his former middle-school art teacher, Wood Middle School’s Mr. Reis and his high-school art teacher, Encinal High School’s Mr. Haber. His support makes a powerful statement on the impact teachers have on students’ lives.

I would like to thank Josh and all the donors who recognize the impact teachers make and contributed to AEF’s December and January Adopt A Classroom presentations. These include the Kruger-Do and Dean families.

The Park Street Business Association’s Shop for our Schools also donated. The shops on Park Street included Daisy’s; Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden; We Are Hair; Aphrodite’s Closet; Pixies & Peony; Alameda Natural Grocery; Lost City Antiques; Tracy Zollinger, L.Ac.; East End Pizza; Tucker’s; Cafe Q; Lola’s Chicken Shack; Artistic Home Studio & Boutique; Monkey Bars; and Bead Inspirations.

Salesforce.com donated on behalf of the Long, Cramer and Peddada families. The Boyer family sent a donation as did Brady Rowe; the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Alameda Lodge No. 3; Josh Johnson; and DeYoe Wealth Management. We also received a donation from Becka’s family. Two donors wished to remain anonymous.

This school year, our generous business and community have supported 162 teachers, representing $81,000 that has gone directly into Alameda public school classrooms. Teachers have used the funds to purchase materials and supplies, build libraries, and fund field trips and much more. For a complete listing of teachers and their donors, as well as information on becoming an Adopt a Classroom supporter, please visit www.AlamedaEducation.org.

Kathleen C. Woulfe, AEF Adopt A Classroom chair


We’ve had a rash of door-to-door salespeople knocking on homeowners’ doors on Bay Farm. They usually arrive around the dinner hour. The latest hit some of the Harbor Bay Isle tracts, including my own, not once but twice in one week.

The man who came to my door had no business cards, no brochures, wore a T-shirt and baseball hat and claimed to be a window-replacement contractor. I refused to open the door obviously amidst his pitch of "it looks to us like your windows need replacing."

I called the Alameda Police Department and security. Reputable contractors will not knock on your door attempting to solicit business. They will not avoid using a contract, pressure you to make immediate decisions, only accept cash or payments up front, or ask you to get required building permits

The obvious guards still hold true with contractors. They must put all terms and promises in writing and have all necessary permits. Consumers must check licensing, insurance and bonding to make sure they are not on the hook if problems with contractors arise.

Never, ever pay in cash. Never pay more than 20 percent up front if they claim they need "material costs." Pay with a credit card and not a bank debit card. Get at least three referrals or bids and do your research before hiring anyone. Ask for names and contacts of area customers they claim to have already done work for and contact those people to make sure everything went well.

Mike Lano