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Dear Alamedans:

On Nov. 4, almost two out of three Alameda voters voted "yes" on Measure I, a facilities bond that will provide $179.5 million for our community’s schools. This means the economic health of our school district’s facilities and our entire community will be greatly improved.

This letter is simply to say thank you to all those who voted for the bond and a special thanks to all of those who contributed to the Measure I campaign.

Because of your efforts our children’s learning environments will be safer, greener, modernized and better equipped. Your support will allow our district to honor the previous community investments in our schools by maintaining them properly. Your responsible stewardship will pay dividends for decades.

Once again, on behalf of the Measure I campaign, thank you.

Bram Briggance, Chair Yes on Measure I Campaign

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.


Mayor Gilmore and
City Councilmembers:

The new City Council will be seated in mid-December.

In the name of good statesmanship and good will toward the people of Alameda, and in order for the will of the voters to be observed and respected. I ask that you, as a Council, formally decide this evening at your meeting that all development decisions and negotiations are to be delayed until the new City Council is seated.

That will be in the best overall interests of the city, and Alameda residents.

Thank you for your consideration.

Reyla Graber


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the letters to the editor submitted last week by the Girl Scouts ("Girl Scouts write in," Nov. 6). It is refreshing to see the 10-year-old perspective of our town and the optimism behind their proposed solutions.

I hope parents will encourage children of all ages to write to their newspaper with their concerns or appreciation over what is happening in the community and to actively participate in making this the city they want it to live in.

Hopefully this kind of civic involvement results in citizens willing to participate in the process of Democracy, including actually getting out to the polls to vote.

I find it absolutely appalling that in a city so interested in its quality of life, that so few voters actually participated in the process that has the largest impact on their community.

Jeannie Rodriguez