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Dear Jean Sweeney Park supporters:

Alameda Recreation and Parks Department (ARPD) is applying for a new national park grant for Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. Competition for the grant is steep, with each state choosing its top two parks, then a total of six are chosen from the national pool.

A lot of weight is put on community support for the project. ARPD is asking those who would like to see the park developed write an email in their own words describing why this park is an important asset for Alameda.  

ARPD is on a very fast timeline since this was just announced recently and is due next week.  Letters of support must be sent to me by tomorrow, Friday, July 11.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you.


— Amy Wooldridge, ARPD Director

Editor’s Note: Sample letters are available from ARPD. Send letters or requests to awooldridge@alamedaca.gov. The park is still unfunded so any grant ARPD can earn will help develop the park sooner.  


I know you did an article a while back on rent control in Alameda (“Planning Board Goes for Rent Control Study,” June 12.) Any chance you can do another one?

Rent in Alameda is becoming outrageous. I live in South Shore Apartments and they keep raising the rent just because they can. The manager gave me a lame excuse that they had to raise rent because of market value, but my next-door neighbor, who lives in the exact same size apartment, pays rent that is cheaper than mine. 

It seems all quite arbitrary and the city of Alameda is doing nothing about it.

— Simone La Pay


I would like to challenge both the residents and the police department to team up and help end the use of illegal fireworks here in Alameda. 

Year after year I watch as normally law-abiding citizens take to the streets with their mini-bombs, sparklers and rockets. 

This marks a special year to be vigilant because the drought has dried things out. It’s a sad day in Alameda when my family and I are afraid to step outside in our normally safe neighborhood. 

It’s a sadder day when people are breaking the law and police look the other way because “it’s the Fourth of July.”

— Peter Johnson