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I attended the April 10 meeting about the final design of the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. I came away concerned about the plan. My main concern involves the interaction between bicycles and pedestrians.

At the beginning of the process we were asked for input about what kind of park we wanted. The residents of Alameda overwhelmingly indicated that they wanted undeveloped open space consisting of mainly hiking trails. Now I feel, the park is disproportionately tilted toward bike usage.

 In the final design plans bikes have use not only of the Cross Alameda Trail and the Bike/Walk Trail, they also have use of the so called Bike Skills Loop (an obstacle course). The plan’s “circulation diagram” shows the Bike Skills Loop completely encircles the Walk Loop Trail. This leaves no way for a hiker to access the walking trails without having to dodge bicyclists at numerous crossing points. 

I have been assured that there will be signs telling bicyclists to slow down where pedestrians are present. But, who will enforce the rule? Bicyclists regularly ignore the signs on Shore Line Drive where the path is shared. I think a lot of future conflicts would be alleviated if the Bike Skills Course was completely separated from the walking areas.

— Frank D’Amico


The Midway Shelter for abused women and their children would like to thank those who donated to the shelter in April. A number of the listed donors contributed several times during this period. There was one anonymous donor. 

The shelter would like to thank Lisa Fukuda; Maxine from Woman’s Life Insurance; Marilyn Zecher; Dwayne Brighouse and Susan Nisbet. We could help the shelter’s women and children with people like Matthew Duncan, Carol Fitzgerald, Christine Buck, Beth Strachan and Susan Goddard.

Luz Cazares gave generously as did Ken Kofman, Zach Vickers, Mel Nutter, Charles Sabbatini and Miriam Sundheim. Brandon and Cristina Svec stepped up in April. They were joined by Larry Mar, Pamela Witherspoon, Winnie Chan, Gregory Tully and Virginia Krutilek. Gretel Gates showed her generous spirit, as did John Ziesenhenne, Sarah Cruz, the First Community Bank and Elizabeth Sommers.

Our hats are off to Srinivasan Suresh, John A. Johnson, Barbara Anderson, as well as to Lance and Sandra Russum, who gave in memory of Bob Ashbaker. Dr. Michael Dobbins donated to the shelter in April. He was joined by Jennie Slouf, Buck Maritzen, Sal Spingola, Jack Lancaster, Mick Matthews and Mayr Jane Davis.

The shelter appreciated donations from Prudy Matthews, Merah P. Carvelo, Vera Silva, Cynthia McCloud and Carol Gerdes, MD. John Spellman gave generously as did Robert S. McBride, the Clampers, Mary Lou Kurtz, Hazel Dolio Tagat, Sothera Sang, Paula Patillo-Dupree, Isle City #51 YLI, Britteny Sparks, and Allison Pilmer.

If you’d like to join this list of generous people send your donation to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more call 523-2377 or visit www.midwayshelter.org.


— Ginny Krutilek


Thank you for telling us the good news about Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) receiving the highest honor that a Platinum Reliable Public Power Provider may receive from the American Public Power Association (“City’s Own Power Company Receives National Recognition,” April 17). 

This is good news which, in my opinion, should have been on the front page. Thank you, AMP, for taking good care of Alameda’s electricity needs and for being reliable. AMP also has a good safety record.

— Violet Grayson